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  • phphd - A hexdump library and executable for PHP
  • Jm_Console - ANSI console colors + cursor control, ...
  • Jm_Log - Flexible small log framework for PHP. Supports by default: file, console, syslog, firephp, pdo observers. Can be easily extended
  • Jm_Os_Inotify - Filesystem notifications for Linux ...

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comment Initial Edits and Fastest Gun in the West
This scenario is exactly what I did when deleted/undeleted my answers so far. No abuse! :) .. I'm pretty fine with an "undeleted at ..." timestamp.. Good answer and probably a good question (but never realized this as a problem myself)
comment Regex and HTML - The long tail annoys me
You failed to realize that the questions on SO are mostly just examples, targeting a small piece of an application. In real world regexes are really fragile against updates of the incoming format, and HARD to maintain. Would you like to get overhanded a project where developers parse all that html with regexes or would you like a simple to read DOM parser code?. Also in real world scenarios it is likely that multiple values should be extracted from the document, would you say it is not a overhead to run a regex every time over the whole document?
comment Voting down because idea in the question is wrong?
@CodyGray But they're not the primary reason to answer questions here. true - in theory - or not even this.
comment Why does the “Interesting” category of questions not appear on the Questions page?
@gnat I don't think it is a duplicate. The question is the Why? Would like to know that