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    I've been banging away on computers since 6502 days on the Apple ][. In addition to a ton of hobby hacking, I've had the pleasure of working on a wide range of professional projects:

  • Business software demo generators (UI design at 13 - Yes, I was very popular in school back then)
  • AI (focused on neural networking and genetic algorithms)
  • Speech recognition and OCR (back in the early 90's)
  • Game design and development

    After a stint as a skydiving instructor (and discovering how rewarding teaching can be), I've started focusing on education. I've been involved with the creation of Intro to CS classes (pure.Joy.), self-paced education, an interest in online education, a student-run programming course (iOS and OS X), volunteering with 6th->8th graders to get under-represented minorities and women (even more) interested in technology / programming, and a handful of other related pursuits.

  • Primary languages include:
  •     C, C++, Objective-C, Python, and Java
  • Secondary languages include:
  •     Bash, AppleScript, LUA, HTML ... and a fistful of others
  • I can still read (but not likely to write):
  •     Perl, 6.*? assembly, and [the other fist]-ful of others