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A JavaScript guru by trade, I dabble in - and have great love for - Ruby, Python, and even occasionally PHP. NodeJS is the bomb, and these days I'm really digging Angular, though I have still have a bit of annoyance around performance gotcha-bombs.

I would love to be doing BDD/TDD, but most jobs I've worked at simply haven't allowed me the time and "luxury" that is test-first. To be honest, most jobs don't have requirements well-defined enough to be able to write tests without first feeling your way through some lone wolf cowboy coding in the deserts of solo requirements gathering. Which ain't so bad, in itself.

I'm working in a Java (SpringMVC)-backed environment again for the first time in a few years, and I'm feeling like it's time I revisit my one-time enemy language again and get past that religious vitriol I've spewed toward it for years.

In the mean time I'm trying to pay off debts, public and private, keep my wife and two dogs (Akai - a ginormous-eared Beagle, and Cosmo - a ridiculously goofy nail-biter of a chihuahua) alive and out of the hospital. Once we're out of the nasty waters of insolvency and saving regularly, the world will be right once more.

In what little spare time I have, I enjoy the shit out of Netflix, play various video games and own an insane number of board/card/role playing games. Get at me if you live in the DMV area and are up for any number of Euro/Ameritrash/Deckbuilder games or if you love weaving tales with rules-lite RPGs. I am a huge fan of Everway, Fate Core, Savage Worlds, DungeonWorld, Mythic, and so on.

If there truly is remaining spare time after that, I'm also still super-keen on contributing to open source projects, tutoring newly-hatched codemonkeys, and working on short-to-medium-length contracts in my spare time. Always happy to learn new languages/frameworks/APIs/domain knowledge and meet new folks in my travels and travails!