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I'm a software developer working for the Rackspace DRG. Main responsibilities include:

  • helping manage the PHP OpenCloud and Ruby Fog SDKs;
  • helping developers succeed with their applications and code;
  • helping developers to understand more about OpenStack and the cloud.

If you need any support with your PHP or Ruby app in the cloud, feel free to Tweet me. Also interested in experimenting with other languages like Go.

comment Status of recurring feature: tables
@lunboks I've made it explicit in the question now. Apart from just wanting to garner healthy discussion about this feature (rather than pedanticism), the other aim is to unify all previous attempts to that people can get a general sense of what's already been suggested and how we can use these prior suggestions to formulate new approaches. Deleting this question or adding a bounty wouldn't really achieve this...
comment Status of recurring feature: tables
Yes, I think you'll find I already linked to this thread in my question