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I grew up with Texas programmable calculators, spent my youth with Atari, learned (and later forgot) to use vi to configure uucp, sendmail a.s.f., worked with Unix and Oracle, saw and learned to love html and xml. Today I enjoy coding to relax from my stressing consultancy job in the telecom environment.

Besides byte-shuffling I do boat building and sailing and practice music (kb, g, fl, dgo) and hand puppet theatre

comment Age restriction for mod election?
Please consider the aspect that even if a very young person wants to devote a considerable amount of time to the community (and has the competencies and social skills which can be acknowledged by voting), it may be a matter of protecting youngsters from their own enthusiasm to a certain extend. Imho, lives of (yes - not only) 13 years old can change within days and commitment can suddenly turn into over-commitment without their fault. We should probably encourage them more to go out, meet friends, get broad experience, PLAY, .... rather than become SO junkies (at that age ...)
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comment Happy 4th Anniversary, Stack Overflow!
Please also consider there are tags where even as an expert you can't earn much rep because the frequency is too low, even with the most superb answers
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