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I'm a Freelance Web and Software Developer. I have experience in *nix shell scripting, PHP/MySQL programming, and HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery design. I also love games, and while I haven't done any in-depth game programming, I'm always looking for an excuse to dabble!

I also work full-time at ClickFox, Inc. (http://www.clickfox.com/) as a UI Developer.

Here's a referral to koding.com: https://koding.com/R/samhuckaby

If you don't already know, koding.com is a social network for programmers where you get a free VM to work with, so you can control the entire environment. It's a great place to host code you are asking about here on StackOverflow.

If you're a talented javascript developer, I would love to have you apply for a UI Developer position on my team at ClickFox. apply here

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