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I'm an active developer for LaTeX, most notably with the package siunitx for formatting numbers and units. In my day job I work as a chemist, and so you'll see I write a number of chemistry-related LaTeX packages. I'm also a member of the LaTeX3 Project, working on improving LaTeX with the eventual aim of producing LaTeX3. To keep people up to date with my TeX work and anything else TeX-related I see, I have a blog on TeX matters. I'm also keen on helping other TeX users, and so I try to watch the various places that people go for help. I'm also on the committee of the UK TeX Users' Group. So I pop up all over the TeX world!

comment Where should questions about MathJaX go?
I think I'd say 'very little relevance': some MathJax questions do come down to (La)TeX-related conventions or input and can be answered on TeX-SE.
comment Why is the question closed instead of migrated?
@GeorgeStocker We don't 'do' downvotes on the TeX site, so that's not an issue for us :-)
comment Why is the question closed instead of migrated?
I'm intrigued by the 'shopping' part. How do you deal with questions asking for comparisons of tools for a task?
comment Strunk & White and Review Stats
This is a bit confusing, to put it mildly. Clicking the title is the obvious way to review :-)