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I am a Software Developer at a major ERP product company. However in my spare time I happen to work on many non-ERP things.

Check out my proposal Scientific Imagination in Area51, where questions like...

If objects in Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud could be amassed to a single planet, what would it be like?

...are asked.

Scientific Imagination is a site for questions involving hypothetical scenarios and scientific, educational, and fun answers for those questions.

The site is inspired by http://what-if.xkcd.com. While "What If?" is really interesting,

  • It does not post all of those thousands of hypothetical question people have
  • Those unpublished questions may have gems in them
  • There may be people willing to exercise little creativity, but don't get the chance

Here's how the site is going to work*:

Ask about...

  • Hypothetical scenarios that can be extrapolated using existing facts
  • Interesting twists on current trends

Don't ask about...

  • Existing/known facts
  • Science fiction

When you answer...

  • Back your theories with existing facts and data
  • Extrapolate your theories to future if possible
  • Use statistics and scientific thinking
  • The use of a little humor in answers is encouraged

*While the proposal creation is a diplomatic process, as the proposal creator, this is what I had in mind. Community is welcome to shape the proposal.

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