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I've just started working as a junior DBA. I enjoy learning the various technologies involved and am working to improve my skills.

At the moment I work mainly with the SQL Server line of products from Microsoft but I have an interest in all database technologies.

comment Sockpuppet admission
Poor SF left out again...
comment Why are some jokes closed and deleted and others are allowed?
Wow I'm more of a SF guy so I missed the cake topic. That was epic.
comment New reputation changes. Is applying it retroactively fair?
This doesn't fix the problem of users gaining high rep through questions it only slows it down. I'd say this is probably the least important reason for the recalc. As the blog post states, they want answers to be encouraged more than questions. If they had changed it so that answers offer +15 per upvote (to accomplish the same goal as bringing down the question vote value) and made it retroactive would you complain then? The rep calc is being done because they want users who answer questions well to be the backbone of the site.
comment Towards Preventing “Pity Up Votes”
I'm not a pity upvoter I just see enough trouble trying to get people to vote for actual questions/answers that deserve it. Any sort of system that would discourage upvotes at all seems like a bad idea in my eyes.
comment What accountability exists for answerers not reading questions?
Or you could just tell me what's wrong with it.
comment is it 'wrong' to upvote lots of answers from the same author to grant them bonus rep?
That's unfortunate. I know there's a few users who consistently post good answers and I'll often frequent their page to learn from them. It's a shame that there's a downside to this.
comment Can the OP please be allowed to see close reasons while the close is pending?
It could also show them that their question might really be inappropriate for the site so they could close it themselves and save the mods some time. I like this idea.
comment Can the OP please be allowed to see close reasons while the close is pending?
One of the best ideas I've heard on meta. +1
comment Migrated question popularity
I know I often feel discouraged by migrated questions especially if they're by a new user. That's unfortunate since they're usually the ones posting questions on the wrong site. I can try and answer the question but it's often like sending information into a black whole. I hope people find my post useful in the future but without feedback from the original poster I have no idea how effective my solution is. I've never had a question migrated so I'm not sure how the process is but maybe we need something to encourage people, especially the new users, to follow their questions to the next site.
comment Should ads that mimic StackOverflow UI be allowed?
This is more clever advertising that I think is very well done. It catches my eye since it matches the site UI but it's easy to pick it out as a joke. The ad in question is just a little too close to being legit that it may end up with a user clicking on it and being taken somewhere they didn't want to go. That's what should be avoided.
comment What do do with someone clearly showing they don't want to learn the language/environment their question is for?
Agreed. I don't come to these sites to judge someone based off of their personal goals, just to answer and ask questions. If someone does something you think goes against what the site is for just downvote it.
comment Why aren't people voting for questions?
There's also strange situations where a question gets more favorites than it does votes (serverfault.com/questions/3780/…). Are we seeing redundancy due to voting up a question and favoriting a question are basically saying the same thing?