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I'm a web accessibility expert and I transform PSD/PNG designs in XHTML/CSS the rest of the time.

I work for alsacreations.fr, a french web agency and I am also involved in alsacreations.com, an active french-speaking community where webdesigners and webdevelopers concerned by web standards and accessibility topics can learn and discuss. And find jobs too.

comment SVG update breaks scaling in Opera 12.16 on Linux
Opera has switched to WebKit with Opera 15. It's unlikely they will do anything and release a 12.x version, if reported…
comment heima588.com looks exactly the same as Stack Overflow, what is the link between them?
@ComFreek Only the homepage is. Add /questions/ and … oh now it's also down. Via Google, most cloned questions have a PHP warning about full disk on VPS. SO won by KO :)
comment What triggers the CAPTCHA when posting an answer?
@WIll Depends if you're blind or not (I noticed the audio one, but it's even worse...)