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  • Perl expert (specifically enterprise software development)
  • Sybase (table design, query optimization and stored proc development)

Areas of familiarity: Web programming (EmbPerl, JSP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript); C++; Java.

...P.S. I'm not really 42. But 42 is way cooler than a real answer :)
...P.P.S. Don't read too much into the icon. Just a minor nod to Cryptonomicon.

comment Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not?
@Gracchus - asking questions is trivially easy. Any idiot can ask a question (and some do, sadly) and most people with room temperature IQ can ask a reasonably OK question that will be upvoted. Answering is hard, takes work and expertise. There are 100s of times more people who want to ask questions than want (and can) answer.
comment Let's burn down the close queue!
@Shog9 - frankly, I wasn't even aware of ability to filter by tag. I just blasted through 100% of perl part of the backlog thanks to your prior answer with per-tag links - thanks!