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Programming more than 8 hours a day since I got my first computer back in 1983 (Oric-1, Rockwell 6502 based, that I still keep working and occassionally power up to play Xenon-1, a game I enjoyed when I was 8 years old as much as I do now)...

I like a lot of different programming languages and sectors: Low-level, mid-level, high level ... graphics, databases, server side, client side ... Lately I'm into cross-platform solutions for browsers, Androids & Smart TV's

So crazy about coding that left the big company before they converted me in a powerpoint procrastinator, to start mine alone ... Past ... 10+ years experience in commercial IPTV deployments as lead developer and platform architect at Telefonica R&D / Lucent Technologies / Alcatel-Lucent.

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