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comment Why Does Stack Overflow Avoid Gender in Profiles?
slate.com/articles/life/do_the_math/2003/05/… and mathoverflow.net/questions/3591/…
comment Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions
I have been telling @DavidFullerton for a while that the ask page needs a massive revamp, and showing low quality warnings (and suggestions on how to fix) would be a huge and welcome improvement to a page that really hasn't fundamentally changed much since about 2009...
comment What is Stack Overflow’s goal?
Doesn't this kind of ignore the elephant in the room, which is rampant duplicates? That is also the sort of content which Google will eventually start penalizing sites for, after the thousandth "why does 0.999999 = 1" question gets answered, because god bless 'em, they just want to help others! (And to be fair we cause the problem, since they get rep for that, often easy rep.)
comment Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?
Man "This isn't about effort, or even research" and "questions from working programmers who simply do a very bad job of expressing themselves: poor titles, lack of explanation for what they're trying to accomplish" sounds an AWFUL HELL OF A LOT like lack of effort and research to me. Is there some incredibly subtle difference I am missing here?
comment Do users upvote out of sympathy, and how should that be addressed?
sometimes the person upvoting is a friend of the person asking.
comment Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?
this may be the best answer ever posted on MSO
comment What guidance should we give people asking Unclear questions on Stack Overflow?
This text goes to great lengths to avoid the word "research".
comment Help us clean up the Android tag
this is why multiple tags exist. Click on more than one..