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You can change your OpenID. Just go to your profile -> click my logins -> click add more logins.... You can also remove your old login (i.e. YahooID).


It's been a while since I've worked with OAuth, so I wouldn't presume to try and give you an authoritative answer. But whenever I ran into any problems, I always made sure to log in/log out and if possible deactivate any existing tokens before requesting new ones. When you try to log in to Stack Overflow via Yahoo/OAuth here's what happens (some call it ...


You can add a new Yahoo login by going to your user profile page and clicking on the "my logins" link on the top right (below the Ask Question button). This will bring up a dialog listing your current logins. There's an "add more logins..." link on the bottom left of that dialog. Once you add a new login you can just stop using the old one or remove it.


I asked Stack Exchange for help. The reply was along the lines "this is a problem of Yahoo! and we cannot do anything about it." Since I could still log into meta.stackoverflow, I signed up for a Stack Exchange login, and luckily it was added to my existing account. So I can use that login now instead of Yahoo!.


web5 had a bad DNS entry to yahoo.com for some reason. We were unable to reach http://yahoo.com without extreme 10-30 second delays on that server, and specifically only on that server. We flushed the web5 DNS cache, and now it resolves to a different IP address for Yahoo.com and seems to work now.


Go to your account settings and try clicking on "add openid" link. That lets you associate more openids to your existing account. (So, you'll login with your primary account, click on this link and log into the secondary account.) After that you can log in with either openid to access your account.

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