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How should I address a user writing the same answer everywhere and even ignoring mod comments like: At this point, just let the mods take care of it. If you notice new duplicates that the mod hasn't gotten to yet, I suppose you could flag them as well, but at this point it's beyond your control. This is exactly the kind of thing we have mods for; the ...


There isn't any limit on how often you vote in an hour. There is a limit on the number of votes per day - 30, or 40 if you vote on questions. However, if you vote exclusively (or nearly exclusively) for your coworkers then that is a problem. You should be voting on the merits of the post, not who posted it. Given that you asked here I won't suspend your ...


When I reach 15 reputation, will my upvotes be included from that point onwards Yes. or are my current upvotes stored for the future? No.


The Meta help page states the following: Votes on meta do not affect your reputation; your meta reputation is the same as your reputation on Stack Overflow (synchronized hourly), though you earn separate badges.


That post has had 4 downvotes since the day it was posted: There are no other daily summaries in the post timeline, and it was deleted that same day. You must remember wrong. You indeed can't vote on posts that have been deleted.

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