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This isn't a matter of how many votes can be cast within a certain time frame. This is a matter of how you are voting, and whom you are voting on. You've read the article linked to by the "learn more" text, and you probably understand what triggered the vote reversal. If you, your friend, or people you know were responsible for any of these votes (whether ...


There are three main things: You can only vote 30 times a day (+10 Questions only) Excessive voting for specific users is subject to removal by the serial voting reversal script (that runs daily) Locked posts cannot be voted on Other then these, nothing. Please note that making extra accounts just to vote more is considered abuse and will lead to ...


There is no way for the system to distinguish the difference between someone downvoting a question because they suspect that the question author downvoted their question from someone downvoting a question they simply feel isn't a useful/quality question. Since there's no way for the system (or even a person) to conclusively say why the vote is taking place, ...


From the vote privilege page You can vote 30 times per UTC day, plus 10 more times on questions only. Since there are more than 40 questions per day on Stack Overflow it's not possible to vote on everything even if you use the site every day.

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