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I feel my eyes were caught by the floating scrolling voting buttons rather than focusing on the post and reading the question itself. It is visually distracting and disturbing for users. Keep It Simple & Stupid (KISS) is the fundamental principle in programming philosophy as well as on Stack Overflow. I vote for removing the scrolling voting button and ...


We're running an A/B test on a proposed change to voting controls. Currently, the controls will move when you can vote on a post. For example, as an answerer, the voting controls will not move on your answers; the same is true for question askers and their questions. Here's a feedback thread on MSE addressing some of the functionality.


I recreated this problem :) The Cause Before the vote buttons stick to the top of the viewport td.votecell has been given position: relative so the position: absolute div.message is now confined to the thin table cell. After the sticky buttons stick to the top of the viewport The div.vote is now given the inline style of position: fixed so the ...


Voting is anonymous so we never know the exact reasons users vote. As you seem to be focusing on down votes and the criteria you gathered and I'll indicate if they get my down vote. Question is too simple for them. If the answer is one google away, in the doc or tutorial this is a valid reason Question is too hard for them to understand. Unclear I would ...


You can also go on to your profile page, and go under votes cast which is in the activity section. I'm not entirely sure how often it updates (or whether it's real time), but this is the way of figuring that out.


I usually just suck it up. Sometimes I'll post a new answer if I later realized a better answer exists. Sometimes, when e.g. I find I was wrong to downvote (e.g. after other people clarified context I missed) I'll explicitly edit the post with a comment like <!-- edit so I can un-downvote --> That unlocks the vote too. It's almost cheating the ...


You should be voting on posts based on whether or not they are useful. That is specifically what the voting tooltip states. It's absolutely possible for an answer to be correct, but not useful. It could have information that's correct, but not relevant to the question, it could be missing key information even if what information it does have is correct, ...


You got your 35 rep, just not all on the same day. From your rep history (by time and not by post), you had an upvote and accept around yesterday. On the twelfth, you had an upvote. The total does come up to 35, but it didn't all happen on the same day.


There is a serial-voting-script for detecting and eliminating suspicious voting patterns (which look like voting on user instead of post, regardless of intent), there's no way for eliminating single votes. Anyway, lowly moderators aren't even trusted with who voted for what, only devs could get there, though even they don't have any acceptable reason, the ...


I guess it's a matter of personal taste, I personally find it distracting, but I understand why some might find this useful. Either way, there should definitely be an option for the users to disable this.


At the rate that programming languages change or advance, some answers quickly become deprecated or wrong. Removing this vote lock would give people a chance to remove votes on say, a mysql_query PHP question, that was relevant when mysqli_* or PDO was not around. I'll inform Woodhouse to place my upvote when he gets back with my Tactilnecks.


It's by design. The voting arrows are only sticky when you can vote, and as you can't vote on your own questions they aren't sticky. A/B testing the sticky vote controls - give your feedback, please


There is not. This has been asked here (and answered by Jeff Atwood) and here


I don't really mind the change, but if you find it distracting, all you need to do is inject the following CSS in your browser. .js-vote-sticky { position: static !important; } Here is a user script that will do just that. // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange Voting Static // @namespace stack-exchange-voting-static // @description ...


I've never really been all that enthusiastic about the strategic voting argument here. While I suspect there is probably some subtle influence, I'm skeptical that it warrants such a heavy-handed restriction. But there are other behaviors that do warrant it. None of these are hypothetical, BTW. Nor is this list exhaustive. Folks have done or tried to do ...


Am I the only one who liked this feature ? I know this changes from person to person, but I have definitely not found it distracting; I also guess it's useful for new users who don't remember to accept/upvote... Not a big change in short answers, but pretty useful in long ones.

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