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The short answer is, vote to reopen if you think the question should be open. If you don't think it should be open, then don't vote to reopen it. If you prefer pictures, I made up a handy flow-chart for your benefit: Should I re-open a closed question?


Thanks to the help of Shadow Wizard, I have patched this loophole in our security. The fix will be live in the next prod build (> rev 2014.7.3.2354). All of us at Stack Exchange are huge fans of transparency and openness, but we have chosen not to reveal the details of this exploit. The reasoning is that it would likely stir a "witch hunt" of users trying ...


You should vote for reopen a question whenever the question is worth to be open regardless of if there are answers or not and how good they are. Even the best answers may not be found if the question is badly posed. If the answer is really good there probably is a really good question either already existing or wanting to be asked.


In general, if a question deserves to be open, you should vote to reopen it. The reason is that that closed questions are subject to deletion, either automatically by a script, or manually by 10K users. Even more so if the question has good answers. We don't want good answers to end up deleted, because a question is erroneously closed. The specific ...

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