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You made the right choice! Even though a question is really old, doesn't mean it's immune from being closed. The question is now closed. If a question on the site, any question, no matter its age, is off-topic or otherwise appropriate to being closed for the current close-reasons/flag-reasons that are available at this current point in time, then you ...


At some point in time the close message was replaced by one with more concise wording and a link. You can see this in your screenshot, the two messages do not match. For any post currently in the review queue with votes only for the old reason, the system cannot know that the new version is basically a variant of the old, so no highlighting is shown. This ...


With over 3,000 rep you can't flag as a duplicate any more. You can only vote to close. As for getting the Marshal badge, there are plenty of other things you can still actually raise flags for: spam offensive language sensitive data in posts really (and I mean really) low quality posts that should just be removed. etc

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