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There could be more downvotes than views if users downvoted and cast spam flags on the question. Spam or offensive flags cast an additional downvote from the system immediately, but are removed if the flag is declined. For more information about how spam flags work, see What are the spam and offensive flags, and how do they work? on Meta Stack Exchange.


No, google does not appear to increase the viewcount This is based on the assumption that all questions are treated equally. Here is how I checked this: Search for a question with minimum views, (does not actually work very well) Open a question with 2 views so far it had exactly 2 when I opened it,After refreshing it increased to 3 because of me. Note ...


That is entirely fair. There is nothing that prevents you from asking the same question on another site. But if you do, please be so kind to not abandon your post on either site when you get the answer. As you say, if you post an answer on SO/SE that you got somewhere else, then do provide the proper attribution. And make sure to not just link to it.


No you can't. This information is not available to users, not even moderators. I would even suspect that it's not available to employees.


Here's an hypothesis, born of observation: although the combination of oracle and iis is absolutely warranted by the contents of your question, this combination makes people decide to skip your question. If I check in the list of questions that have both tags, the first thing I notice is that there are a total of 43 questions on SO that have both tags. ...


As well as the spam flag autodownvote Quantas mentioned, the question could have been in a review queue. I don't think seeing a question in a review queue counts as a view, but in some queues you can still vote. That is probably not the case in this particular example, but it is a way a question can have more votes than views.


No, that doesn't seem like a good idea because none of the numbers on the question page are abbreviated.


The badge awarding script doesn't round. You need 10.000 views or more, not 9.5k rounded up to 10k. The user interface on the other hand does round. If you want to know the precise number, however over the number and look for the tooltip pop up. It'll tell you the exact number:


No. This information is not tracked. Sorry.


The question view count is IP based (within a time limit - so refreshes don't immediately increment it). In other words - "the question viewed count is any internet user".


You have several high-volume tags there, so that can't be the problem. The title is a bit long and elaborate. Also having a title that is identical with the body is not nice*. I would try shortening the title a bit - say to Sharing an Oracle connection pool in IIS Also, generally, make sure you're using the right terms. Is "connection pooling" ...


No, I don't think this is a good idea. If we use post length: There are plenty of posts I just skip because they're too long. Sometimes I downvote and/or vote to close, but not all that often (at least not purely based on post length, although code length is a different story) (not having read it at all / in much detail doesn't put me in a good position ...


No, this is not a coincidence. Your view was counted after the page was built, so you need to refresh again to see that the counter has indeed gone up. Views are tracked per IP address per rolling time window. If you come back to the question in, say, 15 minutes you'll see the counter go up by 1 again.


You are looking at your Meta account; your main account has 5 profile views: Note the meta user link on there; if you see main user instead, click on it to switch. In the meantime, by posting about your profile, your Meta account now has 5 profile views too. The achievement box will never show loss of reputation; only things you gain are shown. So when ...


According to The Best Time to Ask a Stack Overflow Question?, the best time to post a question in order to maximize views due to high site traffic is between around "15:00 and 22:00 GMT/UTC": However, keep in mind that that post is about 4-5 years old, so the current site peak traffic may change changed as the number of users has increased over the years. ...


The best time to post your question is now. No, really. Number of views is a self-correcting problem. If you post during a quiet time, your question will stay on the front page longer, and eventually get the same number of views as that of a question posted during peak hours.


Step one would be to check if your questions is as good as it can be. Is all necessary information there? Is it tagged properly? Are there more relevant tags that might attract the attention of the right people? If your question can be improved, update your question. This will also have the result that your question gets bumped to the front page again, ...


You are not notified when you lose a privilege. You are not notified when you regain that privilege. This is by design - otherwise your inbox would potentially become very noisy around the time you cross a privilege threshold.


Use the "share" link to publicise the question on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like), other relevant forums where people interested in the tag might hang out. There are even badges for that. Raise a bounty. This will put it on the "featured" tab.

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