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Using @username anywhere besides in a comment does not send a notification. I suspect using @ before usernames in answers and questions starts as a cargo-cult-like practice where people see this usage in comments and overgeneralize, then people keep doing it out of habit even after they know it doesn't notify anybody. It gives an impression of being precise ...


Even if you edit the title, Error in my Javascript is not even a meaningful title too, so in that case you better comment and suggest to the OP to clarify the title and the question, because the most important thing here is to teach people how to ask a good and concise question so better comment it and recommend an Edit. And if you see that it's really ...


No, using @username doesn't work in answers. It's just text, no notification is sent. Call it a convention, if you will.


Mentioning someone's username via @username in an answer is not supposed to send them a notification. This is because an answer is not supposed to notify someone; that's what comments are for. And as far as why people use that in answers, there are many different usernames (and some can be quite confusing to be recognized as a username), so adding the @ ...


I use google in case I'm looking for someone and I don't know their username. For example, if my company is considering hiring a contractor, I like to check and see if the programmer has an SO account. However, I don't know their SO username in this case. If they have included their name in there bio, I can still find them. Example: Assume I'm trying to ...


You can add a comment to the question suggesting that the accounts need to be merged (the user is still active on that question) that includes the following text: See How can one link/merge/combine/associate two accounts/users? and/or I accidentally created two accounts; how do I merge them? for guidance on how to merge your accounts. 

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