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While SO does not police morally questionable questions or questions that only have illegal applications, if you are a member of a professional body you may have submitted to a code of conduct that is incompatible with assisting people in these pursuits. Here, for example, is the British Computer Society's Code of Conduct which contains such instructions ...


If the questions are good then that shouldn't be a problem. I get the difference in the amount, it's really hard to give an answer that actually gives points. Questions get responses in 5 mins, and they usually have the best posible answer. You have to literally "hunt" the feed page for one that can help you get reputation.


I don't think there should be a question/answer ratio enforced. There are already rate limits on asking questions and quality checks that lead to question bans (both scripted and manually handed out by moderators). This should be enough to filter out anyone leeching off of the site. If we force people to answer questions in order to ask them, there's a good ...


I would say: If you don't like the question, ignore it. If this guy is really advertising, he/she will find other ways to the solution of autoclicking. IE: from other coding communities, official documentation and books. We don't want to judge people in the public here, as I had said, leave it where it is if you don't like it.


This is a social issue. You do not condone that he is earning money by scamming (neither do I). You do not want him to negatively affect society. Stack Overflow is not in the business of policing social interaction, though. Be careful when you judge what people should or should not do outside of Stack Overflow. This is not for us to judge because it is a ...


I say answer the question. What the user does with the knowledge of how to spam is simply not your concern or mine. Maybe they are experimenting with user interface designs, and will shortly conclude it is a bad idea. Maybe they have a private, local-only web console for their own use that fires on mouse-over. There's no way for us to know or control how ...

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