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While I like @Mitchell Carroll's answer, that is incorrect. The clouds are due to an ad tag being implemented improperly. The error is fixed, so you will no longer see any happy clouds.


It's likely the result of someone who is very well versed in HTML and CSS, and also believes that SO deserves to run without ads. Instead of just straight donating to SO, they bought up an ad in order to contribute to SO's development and upkeep, while also preventing an amount of real (possibly invasive and annoying) ads from showing up on people's ...


It shows the total for the most recent 24 events only; these add up to 113 points here (115 from 23 upvotes on the question, -2 from the one downvote). It'd also cap the events to a maximum amount of time passed, but since those 24 events are all today that doesn't apply here. Yours is really an edge case as your most recent events are all applicable to ...


If you want to undo an upvote, just click the upvote button again. Downvoting a question when you already upvoted it, does two things: Remove your upvote. Downvote the question. That's why the question went from a score of +1 to -1.


I think it's pretty clear from the context what's the meaning of "link", since you're reviewing a post, having "question is very low quality" and "link" links is enough to know where that link links to.


It seems like this should have a check for reputation. Anyone with even a small amount of reputation should know how to find questions. I don't even have that much reputation and it's still somewhat... awkward to see this popup. It comes across as somewhat condescending to me, like "you don't even know how to answer questions!" Perhaps change the wording ...

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