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You had previously downvoted an answer, and that answer has now been removed, so you get the 1 reputation back from the downvote, but the removal doesn't get calculated into the reputation change. So there was a change of -1 that you probably never cleared as it doesn't give you notifications of negative changes, then you had a change of +2 for the edit, ...


This has been fixed in build #3919 (meta.stackoverflow.com) and build #3024 (stackoverflow.com).


This was actually a specific design choice; however, I'm seeing considerable pushback, so I'll disable it for now while we discuss it further. Should be fixed in a few minutes.


This was the box you saw: It exists to inform you of a few extra fields on your profile: If you had clicked the "get started" button, you'd have seen something like this: Followed by this: Aaand then this: These correspond to fields that are always available in your profile editor (where you code, job situation) and your site preferences ...


At least it does not say 1 bountieS... Should be fixed in next build (build rev 2015.11.13.3870 on MSO, 2015.11.13.2982 on SO).

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