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An alternative to Hristo's solution: In the rare event that you have not already done so: Install AdBlock Plus Right-click on the background of the banner In the context menu, select "AdBlock Plus: Block graphic..." (or similar) In the following dialog, select the most specific filter (you don't want to accidentally block all SO graphics, do you?) Click ...


If you can't stand it so much that you're constantly trying to clean the screen, have goosebumps, shake uncontrollably, sweat and show signs of nervous tics, I have a solution (as long as you use Firefox or Google Chrome). It consists of 8 simple steps: Install stylish 1.1 If you use Firefox, go here 1.2 If you use Google Chrome, go here 1.3 If you ...


To me it looks like an undirected graph, kind of like the one you'd create in D3.js or even Processing, was used as part of the background. It doesn't have any significance since even the 10M page makes use of the graph as a background in parts, but not in any significant data points. Here's what it looks like with a dark background.

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