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I'm not able to reproduce the issue, the balloon is below the accept answer checkmark. A screen capture of the issue as you see it might help (maybe you're using a smaller resolution, etc.?).


The user changed their display name quite recently. The question list is heavily cached. Wait a while, it'll catch up soon enough. The relative time issue is indeed a problem, already reported on Meta.SE: The new navigation only shows the date asked, also when modified, and people have been able to get the site in a state where older posts are being shown ...


There's a similar bug affecting comments reported on meta.SE. In both cases, the proper fix would be the same: apply the unicode-bidi: isolate CSS3 style (with appropriate vendor prefixes, until browser support stabilizes) to any text-level elements that may contain arbitrary user input, like this: .comment-copy, .comment-user, .user-details a { ...


Here's what's going on, for the curious. (No, I'm not an SE developer, I'm a (slightly) bored full stack web developer on vacation who decided to inspect the source.) Here's the culprit code snippet. <div class="user-details"> <a href="/users/4730/seyyed-ali-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b3%db%8c%d8%af-%d8%b9%d9%84%db%8c">SEYYED___ALI ...


I vote against implementing this as a feature, because way too many people are struggling with the current formatting options already. Of course, such a formatting feature could be made available based on reputation or something, but people don't seem to like that idea. But I too get annoyed at database questions, sometimes because I wish I has a graphical ...


It would be a massive benefit for those prepared to answer the question if it were possible for the OP to enter csv data and have it formatted into a table. Those who answer the question should have the option of extracting that data back as csv (or better still as a "create table and populate with data sql" statement). The CREATE TABLE and INSERT ...


Back in the day the convention was to call this DHTML. It meant HTML, CSS & Javascript running in a browser environment. The D stands for Dynamic. I still think it's a very useful term.


Popular questions have had high activity over time. Hot questions have more recent activity. So hot and popular means lots of historic activity and recent activity. Popular but not hot denotes a "classic" question that has had activity for a longer period of time. See here and here for reference


My suggestion: Live demo (HTML/CSS/JS only) It makes clear what languages are supported, and is a clear indication that this is not just a "code snippet" or "code block" feature but an actual demonstration tool that will require language support to run. It's also pithy. :)


(FWIW, I prefer Lightness Races in Orbit's to this. This is much clunkier.) Wording suggestions: Client-side web snippet (HTML, CSS, JS) Runnable client-side web snippet (HTML, CSS, JS) Live client-side web snippet (HTML, CSS, JS) I wouldn't hide the button if the question isn't tagged, because a lot of people (possibly most) write the question first ...

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