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It'll show 9999, and then 10k. So, it switches at 10k. As for 1 million rep, it'll show 1m. SE's number formatter already supports it:


I think having a negative statement on a button is not very user friendly. Normally, a button performs an action, and the button text should communicate what that action is. If it says "Don't Delete", you click the button to not perform a certain action ("Delete"), which seems more complicated than it needs to be. My simple suggestion for the button text: ...


I came to Meta today to raise this exact issue. My question was going to be "So, do you click 'looks ok' or 'recommend delete' when the question needs a downvote, but not deletion? Because it neither looks OK, nor does it meet the criteria for delete. So I totally support "Don't Delete", or similar sentiment. I'd also like to be able to downvote from ...


There actually is an app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stackexchange.marvin&hl=en It's not specifically or solely for stackoverflow, but stackoverflow is also in there.

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