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That already exists, only it's extremely subtle. When you visit a question, your browser will automatically color the link differently. Perhaps there's a room for a tiny bit more prominent a:visited color.


It shouldn't be too hard to check if a user has enough rep to review on Meta, and hide the link if not. There will already be user data checks on that page to know which Review tasks to show us. Although, I'm not convinced spending developer time is ideal on such a trivial issue. Given the plethora of functions and other actual issues/potential ...


It's on your meta profile: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/4759887/rasil-muhammad?tab=questions&sort=newest


The whole point of the voting system is that good content bubbles up, and poor content is pushed down. The further down it goes, the more it is pushed and that is where the "greying out" (opacity .5) comes from. If the answer is negatively voted and egregious more often than not it is going to be removed anyway because so many times it is either "Hey, this ...

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