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As they are more buttons than links, adding role="button" ARIA-attribute would make more sense than making them anchors (if making them regular <button>-elements is not an option for whatever reasons :)) The button role should be used for clickable elements that trigger a response when activated by the user. On its own, role="button" can make any ...


No. As per the asking guidelines on Stack Overflow, your question would be off-topic: Questions on professional server, networking, or related infrastructure administration are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve programming or programming tools. It would be summarily closed, most likely before users operating in good faith ...


This is because o is the cookie we use to determine whether you previously used OpenID to login or not. When the cookie is present we assume that you probably want to use it again and show the OpenID options on the left.


I use the advanced search features built in to Stack Overflow every day, so the site search does serve some purpose. If I'm just looking for the answer to a programming problem that I'm facing, I default to Google. Google already indexes Stack Overflow extensively, and a bunch of other sites too. This is why 90% of site traffic comes from Google. It's ...


I'm not sure how much we need something like this, but I like to fix things, so here's a userscript. It just adds a simple "search" button to the top bar because the magnifying glass that is part of the search field appears to be part of its background or is otherwise inaccessible for modification. It works fine on all sites I've tested (including Ask ...


But reputation means nothing on Stack Overflow. Reputation should mean your level of trust, of expertise, that is decided by the community itself. With meta, it doesn't work. You can't have an amazing or really horrible opinion. People can't judge you for suggesting something. People participate on Meta because they are a part of the community, and they ...


You can "Update" to the full version of the site, to see the shiny gold badge. Just press this button in the site's footer: The whole idea of having a mobile version is to reduce assets loaded over crappy connections. (Although loading a single sprites file is pretty insignificant) In case this wasn't actually a design choice, but a simple oversight, ...


No. is created, imo, because of SO getting too mixed with different topics. I think reasking your question on SO destroys the concept of the different StackExchange communities.


I am not a UX expert either, but speaking as a longtime heavy user of the site... Red doesn't imply "danger!" to me. Rather, it says "you should click here because there's important targeted and timely info!" Which is exactly what the global inbox delivers. Where the site does have blue markers, in the user profile, I find myself never bothering to notice ...


next to one of the hard-coded nominee sites (Super User and Server Fault) indicating that some close voters nominated that site No, they didn't nominate that site as a migration target. They voted to close the question without migrating it, with an explanation that mentions Super User to the author. Other users disagreed and voted to migrate to SU. (They ...


You apparently missed the following option in the flagging menu: The per-site closing reasons, including 'primarily opinion based' are listed there.


We've updated mobile CSS a little - code elements are now more easily distinguished in comments. Thanks again for reporting this. status-completed


I'll quote from the answer I gave when this question was raised on Physics' Meta a while back: The current setup for the "interesting" tab looks at the last 3,000 posts, using various user- and post-specific metrics to display 90 personalized posts; that makes sense, since Stack Overflow gets over twice that every day. We could look at less than that, ...


The arrow keys ↑/↓ scroll this site list. The Tab key can be used to focus the next site, and Shift+Tab to focus the previous.


Done: Please report any similar issues that you find in the future as well.


I found out you can reject it and then improve the draft. "This draft is based on another draft by Enrico Maria De Angelis."


Even as a person who up until this moment had no clue it wasn't a button and would never choose to leave the keyboard to grab a mouse, navigate, and press a button that could have been activated with a simple finger movement, it's a valid feature request for the entire exchange. If nothing else is done to accommodate this then the magnifier should be ...


At the bottom of every page there is a Contact Us link which allows you to send an email to support as well as search the help center. Use that form to contact the Stack Overflow staff and community managers.


I think it's pretty clear from the context what's the meaning of "link", since you're reviewing a post, having "question is very low quality" and "link" links is enough to know where that link links to.

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