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No. For several reasons. First, I do not believe that this is a problem worth solving. Maybe it's just the tags I look in, but I very rarely see comments of the form +1 "Direct Quote From The Text". Nor do I see "Direct Quote From The Text" +1. Oh sure, it happens. But this is not exactly a plague on the site. Second, the last thing I want to see are my ...


You might want to edit to explain why the answer is wrong or unsuitable, within the upvoted answer you have, and leave it up exactly where it is. If the answer were deleted instead, it is very possible that someone would come right back in and supply it—possibly from memory or cached copies of your own wrong answer! Though a "don't try this" answer could ...


What I recommend is to use a custom flag and explain that you'd like to remove your answer because it is wrong but can't because of the accept vote. We get flags like this all the time. Despite our reluctance to delete answers flagged as being incorrect by others, I almost always honor the requests made by the answerers themselves. Moderators can't judge ...


You down-voted the question. 2-1 = 1 If you wanted to remove your upvote, just click on the upvote button again to undo.

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