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The author of the first answer isn't actually begging for upvotes... He's just humorously poking fun at the "goto is the work of the devil"-crowd, which is characterized by raising rules of thumb, which have a rationale and scope of applicability, to unprecedented, doogmatic and exceptionless hights. A real art-work of an answer on MSE about them: ...


I would either comment to have the user remove it or just edit it out as it contributes nothing to the answer. This isn't something that a moderator needs to get involved in unless this is something they are doing on every answer.


Is there some greater utility to accepting answers that outweighs these drawbacks? It encourages people to answer the actual question being asked and not just the general case, which in turn encourages people to ask questions. How many people would post questions if they never got a solution to their problem? How often would people try to solve for ...


I like the feature request to have the highest voted question on top even if there is an accepted answer. With that said even before I started contributing on SO and was merely directed to it by google when looking for an answer I didn't just stop at the ✓ answer. I would read most if not all of the answer see different/alternate approaches and I would ...


Of your 10 questions, 50% are downvoted, 30% are deleted, 20% score 0 and 20% score > 0. If you were gonna place a wager on the outcome of your next question, where would you put your money?


A question with 0 votes is not considered a good question and the post ban algorithm is checked when you are asking a question which means that your last question was enough to push you over the bubble.

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