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The system will detect serial voting and undo all of it. Doing this could result in even the deserved up-vote on the original answer being reversed.


The way to say 'thanks' here is to just up-vote the answer, and optionally accept it. If you're clicking to see a user's profile with the intent of "I need to find something to vote on", it's a pretty good sign that you're misinterpreting the purpose of voting. Voting should be opportunistic. You see something, it makes sense, it checks out and tests and ...


No, it's not a good idea. You should vote based on a post, not on a user. If you would upvote a specific user's answers/questions too much, your votes will get reversed. Instead of upvoting many posts of a user if you found one of their answers great, offer a bounty on that answer.


I've never really been all that enthusiastic about the strategic voting argument here. While I suspect there is probably some subtle influence, I'm skeptical that it warrants such a heavy-handed restriction. But there are other behaviors that do warrant it. None of these are hypothetical, BTW. Nor is this list exhaustive. Folks have done or tried to do ...


I usually just suck it up. Sometimes I'll post a new answer if I later realized a better answer exists. Sometimes, when e.g. I find I was wrong to downvote (e.g. after other people clarified context I missed) I'll explicitly edit the post with a comment like <!-- edit so I can un-downvote --> That unlocks the vote too. It's almost cheating the ...


At the rate that programming languages change or advance, some answers quickly become deprecated or wrong. Removing this vote lock would give people a chance to remove votes on say, a mysql_query PHP question, that was relevant when mysqli_* or PDO was not around. I'll inform Woodhouse to place my upvote when he gets back with my Tactilnecks.


Votes do far more than just give reputation to the user on the receiving end. They send a signal to future visitors that a post is, or is not, valuable (worth their time, works, etc.) In an ideal world, votes wouldn't have anything to do with reputation, but the gamification system used by SE (quite effectively) does so. That said, the fact that your vote ...


You only get 30 comment upvotes a day. You may have been upvoting a ton of comments in the queues.


status-bydesign Oh, I think I may know what caused this. I have been in the close vote queue, closing many off-topic license questions lately. So I guess when I vote to close as custom off-topic reason that already is there, it upvotes that comment automatically. There is a campaign to close these off-topic legal questions, as shown here. Ok yea, just ...

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