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You got votes on two separate posts. Your question and your self-answer on that question were upvoted. Question upvotes give you +5 points, answer upvotes earn you +10. See the You gain reputation when: section in the help center. In your reputation tab, apart from the point difference, you can tell question and answer votes apart by their colour: The ...


Upvotes on questions give 5 rep, upvotes on answers give 10.


Frédéric Hamidi kindly pointed out that this issue is addressed within Should I be able to cancel my up-vote on a comment?. Quoting from the main answer (emphasis mine): You can un-upvote a comment within the first 60 seconds, provided you did not navigate away.... The only use case is undoing a mis-click. Empirical evidences suggests that refreshing ...


Until you adding your diagram, your answer was functionally the same as the other one which was posted a few minutes before yours. Therefore what you are seeing is an example of the the Fastest Gun in the West problem (as martin points out in his answer), and not people voting based on the reputation of the poster. In addition the other answer has a jsFiddle ...


I can understand you and I have had similar experience. However, I also had it the other way around. I pretty much think this is related to the Fastest Gun in the West Problem. When you have the first (correct and reasonably complete) answer on a question, other people who want to answer the question will upvote your answer (some even upvote all correct ...


Wouldn't it make sense that accepting an answer implies an upvote to the answer? Usually it makes sense but not always. Acceptance of an answer should not carry an automatic upvote. Upvote denotes that the answer was helpful and well-researched. Accepting an answer means that OP believed that this is the best solution to the posted problem. OP ...


Based on Alexei's logic, then I believe that accepted answers should receive 1 upvote. If it helps the original poster, then the answer itself was quality enough to work with. Again this is only if it is confirmed from the poster the answer helps.


No it should not. Accepted - helped original poster. Upvoted - quality answer. So it is perfectly possible to have just-ok answer that helped original poster.


It's meant to encourage you to think about your votes before you make them. If you read over something again and realize that you should have voted differently, then you should have thought more carefully about your vote in the first place. Now, obviously, as a 2k+ user, you're able to make trivial edits and subsequently alter your vote, but lower-rep ...

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