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In this case answers went an about 30 min ago, it seems to be really duplicate. But if Aravind had opened more tabs, there was no answer when he read the question and after answering other questions (30 mins ago) he started to write this answer and didn't see if sb. wasn't faster. Just didn't reload a tab or didn't see the actual answers number. On the ...


Yes, the behaviour is indeed to be discouraged. You are focusing on the user, not the content. If you can find another answer by the user that is actually helpful to you, then you'd have a better reason to upvote that answer. But you are still only finding that answer because you are focusing on the user. In the long run that'll still introduce bias in the ...


is this behavior to be discouraged? Yes, it should. Voting should be done against posts, not users. Our vote fraud detection scripts have a real problem detecting intent. If you want to reward someone with reputation - give them some of yours, in the form of a bounty - there is even a bounty reason to that effect.


Actually it the voting count has changed. Two people that downvoted changed their vote from down to up, changing the score from -3 to +1. An additional two votes then brings it to +3. You won't see changed votes in the vote counter. After changing their vote only one -1 downvote remains. The voters probably changed their votes after the question was edited ...


What if an accepted answer could become 2nd in position. Could it become 3rd or more? The OP to have a veto on top answer doesn't feel right, but the veto takes the best answer as voted by the community not further than second place. AND the veto helps engage question askers. Empowering question askers contributes to SO as a place to be. For me SO being a ...


It can certainly happen that OP clearly accepted a wrong answer mainly because there was a mistake in some part that OP fixed eventually without even noticing (typo, incorrect terms, ...). But generally, the accepted answer is the one that was used by OP. So at least he found it the most useful for his particular problem. On the other end votes represent ...


It might surprise people, but I actually fully support this. I've had concerns about the asker's vote overriding the community's for a while, and to non-regulars, this seems bizarre. The community feels that accept votes still serve a useful purpose, but that doesn't mean that we can't remove their sorting preference. The accept mark is very visible, even ...


Your answer is a Community Wiki post, which do not earn reputation from votes. It was made CW because the question is a CW post. The question was automatically made CW because it was edited more than 10 times by the OP, a feature that has since been removed altogether.


All three of the answers you left were on three questions asked by the same person. A person clearly at your same physical location. I refer you to what happened on December 31 for context on why we might have been suspicious about this.


Probably because you used a sockpuppet to ask yourself questions that could be answered by stealing content (for example, berkeley lecture notes) from the internets? Or am I wrong? (edit: forgot gif)

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