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Unless you think this is part of a larger, coordinated scheme by User1 to act as a sock puppet for User2 or vice versa, I probably wouldn't flag this. Moderators can't see individual votes, nor can we do anything about them. There'd be little to act on here, and your flag would most likely be declined. If the answer wasn't an answer at all, you could flag ...


Difficult to say without context. In general it probably means that your question is worse than average though. In aggregate questions receive nearly 10 times as many upvotes as downvotes (and for answers the ratio is 33:1). So if your questions regularly buck this trend and acquire equal amounts of both that might indicate they are being unusually ...


It probably means your question has some serious flaws, but also some redeeming features. If you can determine what the flaws are (lack of research, poor explanation, highly dubious requirements) and remove them, you should end up with more upvotes and fewer downvotes. (Especially if you can do the same thing for future questions before asking them.)


Right, I'll bite: There are many questions on StackOverflow that have 0 votes. That means that they're not good enough or haven't gotten enough attention to be positively scored. Daily votes are limited. Users who are very active on SO often have to pick and choose what to vote on on any given day. Often times questions are "Meh" or "Bad but still meh" ...


You should note that the majority of people that reads your questions can't vote (unregistered) and there is much more people that is able to upvote (> 15 rep) than people able to downvote (> 125 rep). For answers, a downvote is even more serious since the downvoter will lose rep and this prevents a great number of users to do so, even when they consider ...


That's not entirely true. Ever since SO's inception, the questions per day rate has been consistently on the increase (besides the occasional and temporary drop). It may seem like everything that can be asked today has been asked. Then stop looking at today, and start looking at tomorrow, and the days, weeks, months and years that follow. What happens ...


Will a time come when 99% of all programming problems are solved, and there's barely any room for questions that aren't too localized? Yes, if people would just quit making new stuff that has new problems. We're nowhere near question saturation. It's not a thing to worry about yet.


I think it deliberately destructive to my account (as it might put my account at risk of being suspended?). Unless you are at the same physical location or have demonstrative ties to the person who does this, that is false. Just being the "victim" of serial upvoting is not grounds for a suspension. The person who did it might get into trouble if they ...


You can unupvote (and undownvote) a question or answer within a certain time frame by simply clicking the correct vote button. If that period has lapsed, the question or answer must be edited in order to be voted on again.


The upvotes stay as they were. Only if an account is deleted, the votes could get invalidated. Also if a post is a deleted the reputation gain is reversed, as it never happened.


Having used Stack Overflow for quite a while, though passively (not actively asking/answering questions), I have come to see that many NEW users (including myself for a while) do seem to have this outlook. But as I have become a stronger programmer and thus come to have different and more specialized questions, this belief has faded. Now I can see that I ...

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