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This problem is much bigger than meets the eye from the badge, there are also plenty of ignored and forgotten questions from SO users that already got the badge. My perception is that it has been growing considerably in the past 1.5 years, one thing you can do with the data you have now is to plot it across time so we'll have some insight in how it has been ...


Bill did an amazing job in his analysis. We need to get him more free time, ideally in copious quantities. What this boils down to is identifying questions that nobody cares about any longer. If, and especially if the author of the question hasn't been to it in a reasonable amount of time and The question remains unanswered The question has a score <= ...


I agree that it could be closed since the OP won't answer it, but I don't think it should always be removed. The comments made might give a little help to some people with the same issue. And, in the last case, they could try to contact the OP in some other way to help them to solve the problem.


As the recent winner of a Tumbleweed badge of my own, I have a suggestion. I asked a question that was incredibly niche. I got no answers, one commenter telling me I was doing the wrong thing (grumble grumble). So I hacked around the problem/back-burnered it indefinitely. The question stayed open because I A: held out hope that someone would come and ...


From looking at these questions I believe there are two groups which cause the Tumbleweed badge to occur. Group #1: The optimists This group thinks that Stack Overflow is the end all, be all of knowledge and accidentally asks a question which is far too specific about some aspect of application design or implementation. It either involves a very specific ...

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