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Seems that by default the unanswered URL does php or oop. You can add and to the url to force it to show only questions tagged with both. https://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/php+and+oop shows 279 questions instead of 67,536.


Answers should not be written in comments. Ever. Period. Comments are not for answers, hints or conversations that eventually lead to a realisation. Comments are not for any of those things. So, you do not need any special mechanism to deal with them; well, other than flagging them to oblivion, anyway…


The unanswered tab applies to questions only and the tab is thus available only on tag pages. Search results normally include answers too. If you meant to search for the tag, then use the [tagname] syntax and you'll be taken to a tag page (you can combine tags, including using or inbetween). You can search for questions with 0 answers too, by adding ...

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