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Just use search, there are lots of useful operators you can use: answers:0 score:..0


I'm not sure why anyone would want this query, but it's not hard to do in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Keep in mind that it's not up-to-the-minute data, so questions may have been upvoted or deleted in the interim. Link to query SELECT ID [Post Link], Score, CreationDate FROM Posts WHERE PostTypeId = 1 AND Score < 0 AND AnswerCount = 0 ORDER BY ...


Is it possible to recover my SO account? Yes, by making edits that actually make these questions good, as every time you edit a question it gets bumped to the frontpage (reopen queue if closed). Answering questions and making good edits also helps, but takes a lot longer. I knew it is possible with voting myself, but as I'm learning. So, voting ...

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