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Yeah, this just changed: I would have thought this area should behave just like any of the other tabs: Without a favourite tag selected, questions with my favourite tag(s) will be highlighted With a favourite tag selected there won't be any highlighting m0sa, clearly swayed by the asker's hypnotic use of "u" in the word favorite, ...


There is nothing whatsoever wrong with a question asker not accepting an answer to a question, even if you think that there is a good answer. There is nothing to change about the system. If members of the community feel that an answer is helpful they can upvote it.


What would you have us do, send a hit-squad to the user forcing them to participate? No, there isn't anything (reasonable) that we can do. If you did it right, your answer is helpful to other people too and you'll get upvotes, over time. Marking an answer as accepted is exclusively the right of the original asker; there is no point in applying community ...

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