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No I disagree with this idea: I'd like to know if a answer I'm looking at when searching for an issue was written in 2008 or just last week. Among other reasons, using up-to-date methods can often save processing power, or reduce security risks, in programming related issues. I like the idea of a "living repository of up-to-date knowledge", but people ...


That question was posted 1 year and 4 days ago; not 4 days ago. It happens to us all :)


There is a deleted answer by the asker on that question, and all the comments with that date are also present on that answer. The answer was converted to a comment alongside all of its comments; this is something that moderators can do. The answer-to-comment conversion resulted in a series of comments whose timestamp is the date of the conversion, rather ...


In fact, the actual time of the accept is shown in the tooltip, but only after a certain amount of time. As I'm sure you've noticed, the question timestamps change at a point to show the actual date the question (or answer) was posted. The tooltip for the accept checkmark is the same. It does not get as detailed (no seconds/milliseconds) as you could ...


The post you link to was talking about the description of hats; those dates were hand-written one-offs part of the Winter Bash, not part of the regular Stack Overflow site. The date displayed on the post itself is Dec 15 '14, and is not an American date format. 12/15/14 would be an American date format, but that's not used there. I don't think the current ...


Yes, it is possible for comments to be older than the post they are on. For questions, comments are moved over when another question is merged into it, together with the answers from the other post. If an older question is merged into a newer, the comments will be older. For answers, this could happen if another answer was converted to a comment. This is ...


You can look a the timeline of a post to see when it was accepted.


Time of original posting is historical information, which shouldn't really matter, At least for reasons of moderation, the times at which posts are made does matter: All else being equal if two questions are duplicate of one another, the newer one should be closed as duplicate of the older one. (Generally, we want to close as duplicate the question ...


This is by design. It is yesterday for someone somewhere in the world still. Relative dates take this into account. Up to 24 hours ago is today, up to 48 hours ago is yesterday. You can always hover over a relative date to see the absolute timestamp, in ISO 8601 format. Times are always in the UTC timezone.

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