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What problem does this really solve? If you have a good question that isn't a duplicate, just ask it. It doesn't matter if it was assigned as homework or not. We had the homework meta tag before and it added no real value. Ultimately, we decided to burninate it. See Can we now discourage the use of and burninate the homework tag? and The homework tag is now ...


And it's done. Definitely a meta/sentence tag.


The esoteric tag is cleared now. Questions about esoteric languages are re-tagged with esoteric-languages. And it's removed from other questions (only several) not related to esoteric languages


Make tags julia-lang and julialang synonyms of tag julia.


I created the custom-close-reasons tag (to match the Meta SE site) for those questions that were talking about the off-topic close reasons and not about the scope of the site. The rest have been merged into scope and a synonym has been created.


I think WatchKit is better....

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