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Because samsung-gear exist. There are two checks playing here, one that removes dash from the name, so samsung-gear-s becomes samsunggears and samsunggears triggers the plural check for existingtag[s]?. There are only two way around this, either remove the samsung-gear tag or ask for moderator intervention.


status-completed? jtbandes has graciously made the question on his Q&A pair Community Wiki (thanks Undo), making both the Question and Answer on this post Community Wiki, eliminating bias. We should be using this as the duplicate target related to any questions regarding finding nil when unwrapping an Optional value from now on. originaluser2 has also ...


After some nice retagging work, the unity tag is no more. All questions are now tagged appropriately, and a synonym from unity to unity3d has been created. If anyone wants to dispute the synonym or has further questions, please open a new meta post and link to this one.


I saw no harm in it, so I set the syntax highlighting for these to "default". Didn't even know moderators could do that, before reading this question. You learn something new every day. I really don't like seeing questions tagged with only swift2, swift2.2, and swift3, though, as many regulars only watch swift. I'd recommend adding a main Swift tag to each ...


Once again, thanks for reporting it. Fix is already live on production.

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