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I'd decline them if that's the only change being made. These updates are being made en masse with little or no thought. They aren't really improving anything, and they're needlessly bumping questions. Can I create a app that has images of Apple products? should have just been closed, not retagged. It's a legal question, not a programming question.


Progress report Chatroom for discussion about posts. Tags to be handled under this request: legal 422 closed - 14 open | review | <-- Focus here licensing 813 closed - 2540 open | review closed-source 20 closed - 55 open | review | <-- Focus here open-source 1538 closed - 2729 open | review copyleft 18 closed - 0 open | review | DONE! All off-topic ...


Proposal as per the comments, Burninate the edm tag Re-tag those that are .net Entity Data Model questions to ado.net-entity-data-model


Preserving spark-framework as a synonym of spark-java does not look worthwhile (the tag-names are too similar), thus I looked into simply burning it down: I added the single fact the first tag wiki had and the master didn't to the master (wikipedia-link). Then I manually re-tagged the 10 questions (for so few questions, that's ok). I looked for other ...


The equation CAN be true, but is not necessarily true. Example question: I have an excel document that I want to programmatically import into my MS Access DB using vba in Access. The (fictional) ImportXML() function is giving me the "xyz" error. Tags: msaccess vba excel This is not excel-vba .. the user is writing vba is MS Access.


If you're talking about the tag, then you should be using the tag notation. If you're not actually talking about the tag, then no, you shouldn't generally be formatting it as a tag.


First, you have to look at the tag problem from the other side: what questions do you expect to get if you click on a tag? If I click on virtual-machine, I obviously expect all kinds of questions related to virtual machines (as defined in the tag description). If I click on regex, the questions should of course be related to regex. Having a combined tag ...


I would agree it's probably a bad tag that needs cleanup, but questions about VS projects aren't bad as such: project files in IDEs have their own structure and there are some unique considerations, so it's possible to ask useful questions about that side of tooling. Burnination is therefore not really in order; what's needed is cleanup of the questions ...


Well, the equation is true. The edits are not very useful in my opinion, but they are also harmless. vba is a useful tag, because if you can program VBA in Word, chances are you can program VBA in Excel too. Excel VBA is still VBA. excel is also a useful tag. Sometimes, a user asks about a specific problem and wants to do it with VBA, but another user ...


Yeah, that tag doesn't really serve any clear purpose other than it being a meta-tag. So you've encountered a "bottleneck"? That's about as descriptive as tagging a question with "problem". And there are already several other valid tags out there that could be applicable yet are more descriptive. Overall I don't see a need for the tag. Given the low amount ...


Considering that he is removing tags recommended not to use, I think he is doing a cleanup. But doing edits en masse is a bad thing, because it litters this view. In a such situation the best what you can do if you change only a few question at once, and with the tag removal, you make other changes/fixes which seem needed (adding new tags, fix ...


Tag gams-math created. http://stackoverflow.com/tags/gams-math/info

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