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Criticism of tags should not be posted as an answer; users should be either commenting, or, preferably, correcting the tags themselves. Since the two languages' tags are generally grazed upon by different groups of users, and since the confusion of the two is a problem that's been happening for a very long time, tempers are set off. Unfortunately, this just ...


how come so many people seem to get worked up over the fact someone is trying to use Java and JavaScript together and will dismiss the question with their condescending phrases instead of offering a solution? Put yourself in the mind of an unenlightened developer for a moment, who has never heard of "Java ScriptEngine". They will probably presume "Java ...


In addition to Mooseman's answer, consider the following: Write, and edit carefully, a short background information paragraph describing what you are doing, including the tools you are using. Put that at the start of each question for which this might be an issue.


There's nothing in the current implementation that precludes the sort of tagging you're talking about. The big problem is that folks often have no idea if their question is version-related or not. If you're using version N and have never used version N-1, then expecting you to know whether the functionality you're asking about applies to version N, version ...


When is it appropriate to post Wordpress related questions on Stack Overflow as opposed to wordpress.stackexchange.com? It is appropriate to post a WordPress question whenever it is related to a specific programming problem you are facing when using wordpress, just like Robert Harvey said in the comments. Here are a few examples of on topic questions: ...


I looked through the first 200 questions and item doesn't add any value to the description. Most of the question have other meaningful tags. A few lack that, but removing item won't make any difference. Burninate it. Update I've updated the tag wiki to state that it should not be used, linking to this post.


Why force an inheritance or hierarchy when you have tags? Maintaining a sensible hierarchy is difficult enough in a tightly controlled environment. In a distributed system like stack overflow, it would be a mess. Inheritance/hierarchy implies a many-one relationship of children to parents. Tagging implies a many-many relationship between children and ...


If you're just editing a tag out of the title, the edit is not substantial enough to suggest. Wait until you have editing privileges, then you can make these kinds of edits yourself, without approval. Better yet, fix all of the problems you find with a post, not just the tag in the title.


I have down voted your suggestion - for now. Have you done a pass through the questions and done a tidy up, fixed the questions that are just mistagged because the OP had no clue? Have you really determined that the tag is incorrect and/or useless on XC8 pic16f876a I2C slave and Sending data from Slave to Master over SPI with ioctl() Linux or Setting up a ...


Just use wildcards in your favorites? css*, html*, eclipse*, twitter-bootstrap*, ruby-on-rails*, etc. There are also such tags as xhtml and ironpython, so two stars will be better: *html*, *python*. The only real limitation is the maximum number of tags, you will run into it pretty quickly. If tag hierarchy would allow to overcome this, it would be good.


Eh, I never have been a fan of the class-specific tags that people have used for Objective-C classes elsewhere. They don't really add anything to the question, and no one is following just the [nsdictionary] tag. If you're interested in the language, you use [objective-c], and if it's specific to a particular framework (such as Core Animation), you tag with ...


In a case like that where it's very clear that one tag cannot apply, it's fine to remove it. In most cases it's probably better to ask the OP for clarification in a comment. If they really don't know which language they're using, that's a good place to start troubleshooting.


Not considering the merits of such a tag, I don’t think users would apply it, at least in the initial revision. That makes it near useless for “help[ing to] classify and […] migrate an off-topic question”. If the audience for openssl questions significantly differed from openssl-command questions, it might still be useful, but I imagine people with ...


A low-rep user is now removing the "store" tag from a bunch of questions. Better would be to add the appropriate tag the user actually meant (for instance google-play, app-store, windows-store-apps). And either burninate it without bumping all those old questions or have a high-rep user do it so it's not wasting review time.


I see where the syntax tag could be useful: compiler theory and computer languages. Perhaps the tag is being abused, which means that it should be cleaned up rather than burninated. When I use lex and yacc there can be some legitimate moments where syntax can be useful

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