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Yes, it's appropriate to improve questions no matter what age they are. Site standards change over time, and we want old questions with good answers to be improved to meet those standards. Regarding the specific kind of change you're making, i.e., removing tags from titles, I'd be sure to leave the tag in when it's important to the question. Just reword ...


There is no reason, apart from the description, for equals to be Java specific. Even more, I don't believe tagging a question with the function you have questions about is usefull. The language (java) + the subject (equality) says enough/more. So I propose to merge equals into equality and making it a synonym.


There's some blank space on the long list of ex-lovers—I mean ex-tags—for this one.


I'd decline them if that's the only change being made. These updates are being made en masse with little or no thought. They aren't really improving anything, and they're needlessly bumping questions. Can I create a app that has images of Apple products? should have just been closed, not retagged. It's a legal question, not a programming question.


Here's the related request: Burninate Project Euler Basically, these were judged to be meta-tags (similar to homework) and thus destroyed. Personally, I agree, the group/organization looking at the code does not modify the question or help categorize it in any way.


I wouldn't worry about the tag, just create your questions and answers on the library and see how they are received. If there is interest create more and see how things go from there. When there are a reasonable number of questions on the topic creating a tag is perfectly natural, but creating a tag to encourage questions doesn't make sense in my opinion. ...


I have found no specific guideline for this issue since I asked the question you refer too. But I believe that going through old questions involves more work than just adding a tag and could follow these steps: Is the question a duplicate : Yes => vote to close, No => step 2 Is the question off-topic : Yes => vote to close, No => step 3 Is the question ...


are there certain criteria I've missed about valid tags? Yes. Valid tags describe the software engineering question, not the person (or website) asking the question.


Progress report Chatroom for discussion about posts. Tags to be handled under this request: legal 358 closed - 86 open | review licensing 784 closed - 2575 open | review closed-source 20 closed - 56 open | review open-source 1522 closed - 2746 open | review copyleft 8 closed - 10 open | review gnu 66 closed - 1358 open | review gpl 237 closed - 658 open ...


For me it's a clear No! As @Makoto commented it is too specific and mostly not really a tag valuable for grouping. No user would be interested especially in questions tagged public or private. To replace those tags by access-modifier or (imho) better visibility would be more useful.


Proposal as per the comments, Burninate the edm tag Re-tag those that are .net Entity Data Model questions to ado.net-entity-data-model


Preserving spark-framework as a synonym of spark-java does not look worthwhile (the tag-names are too similar), thus I looked into simply burning it down: I added the single fact the first tag wiki had and the master didn't to the master (wikipedia-link). Then I manually re-tagged the 10 questions (for so few questions, that's ok). I looked for other ...


Your question asks is "Are these valid tags"? I think Ben Voigt's answer covers that perfectly: No, they're not. But from your comments (and the fact that you tried to add such a tag after getting that answer), it sounds like that isn't what you're asking at all. What you really want to know is, "If these aren't valid tags, but they would be incredibly ...


Tags here have a specific meaning, which is usually explained in the tag wiki and when the popup hint appears when adding tags. If the question isn't relevant to that tag's description, the tag is inappropriate to use. As you mention, the tag wiki for IDE clearly states that here it means Integrated Development Environments, which means use of it for the ...


One should never push code right before going on vacation. The bug has been fixed, a test has been written, and any incorrectly-awarded badges have been revoked. Your topbar's achievement list has also been cleaned. My apologies.


I propose we make n-tier a synonym that points to n-tier-architecture.


The map tag is a synonym of the dictionary tag: http://stackoverflow.com/tags/dictionary/synonyms This means that when you use the tag map on a question it will automatically be changed to dictionary. A map and a dictionary are essentially the same thing, as far as the programming concepts are concerned.


Combining and redacted the answer provided here from waiwai933 and the comment from Kevin Montrose Because it's really easy to make a typo when using a mobile browser, and you don't want to clutter the tag-space with misspellings, so it's prompting you to recheck. It's very rare that a new tag is intentionally and correctly created, and mobile ...


If it looks like the user is acting in good faith, and really believes that the tag shouldn't be on the question (but you disagree with them), simply post a comment to the user and explain why you think the tag belongs on the question, and let them explain why they think it doesn't. If you end up starting a lengthy discussion, consider moving the discussion ...


You can use the RSS feed on the featured tab for that tag. Go to a tag page, click on the featured tab and scroll down to the bottom to look for the featured <tagname> questions list link: Add the link to your favourite RSS reader.


First, you have to look at the tag problem from the other side: what questions do you expect to get if you click on a tag? If I click on virtual-machine, I obviously expect all kinds of questions related to virtual machines (as defined in the tag description). If I click on regex, the questions should of course be related to regex. Having a combined tag ...


Seems to me like you're describing meta tags or tags that seem like meta tags but actually aren't. Take for instance SQL - it's a tag that does have the ability to stand on its own, as there is a formal standard around it. With SQL Server and SQL Server 2012, I get the strong inclination that one is attempting to hit a more broad audience, but let's be ...


acts_as_shopping_cart is a ruby gem, the wiki should be updated to reflect that. cheeseshop == pypi, so should be synonymized.


Most of the vendor tag uses refer to the directory name of the PHP dependency manager (Composer). Vendor also is another name for 3rd party packages/dependencies. As such, I believe it should be removed completely. Imo, there is no need for retagging. I'm also against introducing symfony-vendors or composer-php-vendors. Nobody would want to watch a specific ...


I'm not 100% familiar with how conflicting edits are always handled and the exact scenario that could cause this, but it looks like another user was trying to add the web-inf tag, which conflict with your tag edit, and his edit took place. The time your edit was rejected (and the user who rejected it) correspond with another edit. In any case, I've ...


Option 5: burnination What does it mean to be a master of equality? I know of only one: - - -   She's a Witch! scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail …and he did about as much good as these tags are doing. Each tag has 7 followers. If I had to hazard a guess, this either happened accidentally or because of this meta post. A ...


I think I'd agree with you on this. The questions you should ask here are: Will removing the tag make the question less understandable or less discoverable? Would a question with just this tag make sense? If either of the answers are "yes" then leave the tag. If they are both "no" then the tag can go. With only 22 questions with the tag it's ...


Get in touch with the Python Software Foundation and convince them to advertise here. You might have to organize the neccessary money too... Good luck.


Yeah, that tag doesn't really serve any clear purpose other than it being a meta-tag. So you've encountered a "bottleneck"? That's about as descriptive as tagging a question with "problem". And there are already several other valid tags out there that could be applicable yet are more descriptive. Overall I don't see a need for the tag. Given the low amount ...


I've gone ahead and removed the css4 tag from the question So yeah, today I discovered that this tag existed and my first instinct was to remove the tag from that question. I then had a search here on meta to see if there had been any discussion about CSS4. Why? Almost 3 months on and that question you answered is the only one using the css4 tag. ...

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