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On the surface, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a useful resource to a tag wiki. However, declaring your own website as a "useful resource" is where this idea starts to become a problem. What if everyone who had a programming blog decided it was a useful resource for a particular tag. Even if half of them were really good resources, you ...


One should never push code right before going on vacation. The bug has been fixed, a test has been written, and any incorrectly-awarded badges have been revoked. Your topbar's achievement list has also been cleaned. My apologies.


The questions in force-download seem to mostly involve php users who cannot figure out how to set the Content-Type of their page to application/octet-stream and set the downloaded file name. The top five questions (by votes): PHP create file for download without saving on server force download using ZF2 Idiot-proof, cross-browser force download in PHP ...

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