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It's not good if a tag is being used for two completely unrelated things. Most of the time it usually means that the tag is too general like api for example. However, in this case the loopback is a useful tag and is being incorrectly applied. You have identified the only course of action - edit the questions using the tag incorrectly. You can also edit ...


As long as the tag exists you can just suggest an edit. Make sure that you fix any other issues with the post at the same time to increase the likelihood of the edit being accepted.


This problem is becoming a losing battle for the dedicated group of individuals trying to keep the asp-classic queue free from unrelated questions about asp.net. How many [ASP.Net] questions initially tagged [ASP] or [ASP-Classic]? (It's constantly around the 50 per month mark at the moment) The Synonym Problem The problem is people now ...

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