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Yes, this tag definitely needs a cleanup. It has lots of different meanings in different contexts: layout (CSS, Java-Swing, various GUI toolkits) flowchart (here it's redundant and should be removed) control-flow (here it's redundant and should be removed) as traffic flow in practical networking or as flow-networks in theoretical graph-algorithm, like ...


And it's done. Definitely a meta/sentence tag.


Make tags julia-lang and julialang synonyms of tag julia.


I created the custom-close-reasons tag (to match the Meta SE site) for those questions that were talking about the off-topic close reasons and not about the scope of the site. The rest have been merged into scope and a synonym has been created.


I think WatchKit is better....


I'm in agreement with Bergi's answer but there's one area I think deserves just a bit more attention, which is what to do with all those flow questions that are about Mule. They represent about 25% of the tagged questions, a significantly larger portion than the other frameworks Bergi mentioned. I think the best option is to make sure they're tagged mule ...

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