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I think the Git command tags should remain. We should not get rid of them. Advantages of individual tags For Gold Badge experts: As Cupcake said, individual tags make it easier to find duplicates. For Regular Users: Specific tags make it easier to find relevant questions when one is looking for details regarding any particular command. For Askers: If ...


The Top Answerers section always is shown, on the tag info page. If there are fewer than 5 top answerers, that actual list of names can be shorter, even to the point of having no answerers to list, but in that case the header is still shown:


As usual: http://shouldiblamecaching.com


Additional reasons to keep these specific Git command tags: Filtering out tags that I don't want to see I'm going to be honest: I don't use Git submodules. At all. I have very little experience with them, and I don't find them to be particularly interesting. So, naturally, I'm not really interested in answering questions tagged with [git-submodules], of ...


There are dozens of ways to sort and filter questions depending on what page you are on, but from the /questions page, there are 6 methods Newest simply orders the questions by age Featured shows all questions with bounties attached to them and they are sorted by the age of the bounty, with the closest expiring bounties listed first Frequent simply ...


Just remove the tag from questions that aren't about the shell. "dash" in the sense of the character is not a useful tag in a taxonomy of programming questions. We aren't a typography site, and questions about programmatic layout can simply be tagged as typography. Questions about auto-correct (insertion of typographic dashes when the hyphen key is ...


I don't think this is a bug, I think this is a deliberate design decision, because while on the Stack Overflow website you can hover over a tag to get your tag question score, you can't do that with the iOS app, so the dev team combined your question and answer score together in a tag into one for the iOS app, just like they did for the Android app. The dev ...

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