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Writing a brand-new wiki from scratch, even an excerpt, is actually quite hard. All, or nearly all, of my attempts to do so have been rejected on various sites for various reasons*… compared to less than 60 out of my other nearly 900 edit suggestions. Admittedly, the rejection rate might improve if reviewers had more experience, but the flood of ...


I don't think the edit should have been approved. Markdown, and so links, doesn't work in excerpts and so they just look terrible and are useless, especially when you hover the tag, it's just messy instead of useful. Even when the excerpt is displayed on the main wiki page they don't work. Also, I don't think the text provided adds anything useful ...


Well, first point: It's an excerpt, not a tag-wiki. Thus there's very little space, and no support for anything but plain-text with whitespace-folding. The [Galen Framework][1] is a framework that provides automated testing of look and feel for responsive websites [1]: http://galenframework.com/ Is thus be rendered as: The [Galen Framework][1] is a ...


This is not just a verbatim copy of another site, but a verbatim copy of the sales pitch. I'd at least remove the "efficient" part, and perhaps the "and scalable" as well. That leaves you with: WebDataGrid™ is built on top of the Infragistics ASP.NET AJAX framework. It is a grid control, with native AJAX capabilities. I'd personally re-order the ...


I would say that any tag where the warning is necessary has nominated itself for burnination. Maybe we should turn this into a feature request?


For what it's worth, I burninated vowel and it will disappear in a few hours at the next cleanup. Generally speaking though, editing tags during cleanup periods is okay, as we've done in the case of source-code.


From what I gather, it is perfectly acceptable to put "Do not use this tag" in a tag wiki, if the tag is silly, ambiguous, does not add anything to questions, or otherwise should be burninated.


I would say that those questions should just be maven + dependency. The current that seems too limited to be useful.


I don't think disambiguating the tags will be of much use. Those who know enough to correctly disambiguate might already know enough to not have to ask in the first place.


The first one is implemented a few months ago and it covers a huge number of people comparing to the second one. As tag wiki edits are rare, the authority has no plan to implement it for tag edit in near future. Source: This source is provided by @hichris123. Thanks to him for informing.


The checklist you've written here would make excellent material for the answer to a CRC reference question, along the lines of the MySQL reserved words question or the regex reference. Please write one! (If you do, drop me a comment and I'll happily upvote it.) If you're not sure what to use as the "question", you may want to consider something along the ...

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