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All content is licensed under the Creative Commons license, including tag wikis. That means you can copy tag wiki text across verbatim, provided you give attribution. Tag wikis are collaborative efforts and no author information is publicly displayed, reducing the attribution requirements somewhat. Personally, I think it is fine to put the attribution in ...


The reviewers must not have been paying attention and did not realise this was a tag wiki edit. If you look at it as a question or answer edit, you can see why it might have been rejected. I've applied a variant of your edit; CSV does not strictly mean 'comma separated' anymore, although the name does imply that.


status-bydesign There is no HTML markup in the excerpts by design. Excerpts are short descriptions of the tag: they are not meant for clicking on another link since they are just short descriptions that you read to get an idea of what the tag is about. Reference links should be placed in the full tag wiki, which is located at ...


You don't have enough reputation to directly edit tag wikis without approval. That privilege isn't given to you until you reach 20,000 reputation. So, you attempting to Improve a suggested edit on a tag wiki would itself create another suggested edit. If you have improvements to make, you have to wait until that one is either approved or rejected. At 20,000 ...


If you're not the original author of the content on SO, you need to cite the source when you make a derivative of it elsewhere. Chances are you shouldn't just directly copy and paste - you could start with the SO content, but customize it to fit the target site.


Tags should only have one meaning. If the same word could be used for two (or more) separate things then a new tag (like the one you suggest) should be created for the alternate meaning(s). It may even be necessary to rename the tag for the original meaning. In this case create a further new tag and then create a synonym for the original and then ask a ...


You should not overload tags with different meanings. If a given word/term has multiple meanings multiple different tags should be created to disambiguate those separate concepts such that each tag means just one thing. In this specific case none of the questions using this tag refer to the concept described in this edit, so the edit is invalid. If there ...

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