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On the surface, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a useful resource to a tag wiki. However, declaring your own website as a "useful resource" is where this idea starts to become a problem. What if everyone who had a programming blog decided it was a useful resource for a particular tag. Even if half of them were really good resources, you ...


No, tutorials are not something you should include in a tag wiki. Off-site resources to official documentation is acceptable, but random links to random sources that have tutorials are hard to maintain and hard to verify if the tutorial actually promotes good practices or useful information. Additionally they can be changed at any time, potentially leaving ...


Go for it but don't expect it to make a blind bit of difference. Very few people read tag wikis, least of all the sort of people who didn't bother to read a C++ book before storming in and asking their introductory question about i++ = ++i + ++i.


Evaluate them by their specific intrinsic value. But many of them had a Related tag : Ruby section added. Is this allowed/relevant? They are trying to consistently relate a type of post about a topic which relevance is crucial for them: approve them. If these are not relevant edits, what is the process the flag this activity? They are just plain ...


Adding tutorials to the wiki is: a) open to abuse by people trying to promote their sites (link farming) and b) just another version of Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really “good answers”?. So no, I don't believe adding tutorials to wikis is valid. Links to good SO wiki answers, yes (maybe), external tutorials, no.


If you feel that you can positively improve a tag wiki, you could edit it. Remember to be unbiased and factual, citing sources or creating links to off-site documents when possible to help supplement your content. A relevant piece from the Help Center article: What should I write in the tag wiki? See the guidelines in the blog post announcing tag ...


On the page for editing a tag wiki, the right hand bar states that this item is a good fit to be included: important links for learning more That suggests tutorials are fine to be in there.


No, wiki excerpts don't count, only the main body. From the badge's deploy announcement: I wanted to add a push to wiki editing, not excerpt editing (which is forced anyway). So... the badge counts distinct tag wikis you edit excluding excerpts.


There are many tags like that, for example server, sql, ms-office and etc. I think this tags are useful, Because: When OP is not aware of other tags or When OP is not aware of importance of tags or When OP never takes any time for finding better tags or When OP select the first tag as recommended in their pop up list -ordered by count of uses- or When OP ...


Extensive common knowledge has no place in tag wikis; they should at most contain a concise description of the subject to help confirm you have picked the right topic. The goal of a tag wiki is to help users figure out when to use the tag. From the original feature announcement: Tag wikis help introduce newcomers to the tag. They contain frequently ...


The majority of what I see revolves around meeting requests, so I would vote to keep meeting-request and alias meeting to it. Meeting Request is more descriptive and tells the whole story. Just "meeting" can get stuck to things that tend to be off-topic (i.e. your first link). The wiki page for meeting-request should be generic enough to not limit itself to ...

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