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Why? Because doing it right would be hard. We seriously considered implementing Promote tag wiki creation for new tags back in May of 2014, but couldn't come up with a UX that wasn't complicated. So we went with Warning or confirmation on new tag creation instead, hoping that simply warning tag-creators against using new tags would suffice to discourage ...


What's the problem with wikis and excerpts? Let's not discuss a single tag wiki, but focus on the common practice of writing and accepting tag wikis and excerpts that are: Plagiarism, usually from Wikipedia Totally awful, according to the guidelines for writing excerpts (This will be the subject of a different question) These two problems need a joint ...


Writing a brand-new wiki from scratch, even an excerpt, is actually quite hard. All, or nearly all, of my attempts to do so have been rejected on various sites for various reasons*… compared to less than 60 out of my other nearly 900 edit suggestions. Admittedly, the rejection rate might improve if reviewers had more experience, but the flood of ...


Seems like at least 4 people thought so: http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/6708204 Imho, it's a complete waste: Just listing related tags without rhyme or reason does not help anyone, we have the dynamic "related tags"-list when looking at questions in the tag which is perfectly fine for that.

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