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Done. I made iads a synonym of the main iad, and cleaned up a few questions that were improperly tagged.


Ugh. There are ~20k questions using the tag... I would just remove canvas of all the questions. Burn it! [html*-canvas] doesn't strike me as a good tag, like neither [div], [a], [strong], etc. would do. The android.graphics.Canvas tag exist, there are still questions with both. WPF posts should be manually edited also. I just say, lets start!


This is a good point. I can't think of any reason these two shouldn't be merged; a "foreign key relationship" necessarily involves foreign keys, so we should merge. The shorter tag is best. One small point: I think we generally prefer the singular form, so I think the canonical tag should be foreign-key, not foreign-keys. Personally, I'm fine with either. ...


Synonym tags don't display like normal tags when asking questions, but if someone makes the typo, the tag we want them to select shows. If you press TAB, it will autocorrect it. If you press Space, it will appear to take the misspelling. However, when the question is posted, it will autocorrect to the actual tag. Therefore, we want to keep it. It's likely ...


Since its creation in December 2013, there have been 15 uses of the misspelled tag, the last of which was a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't call it a common misspelling (< 1 use per month), but if people are actively misspelling it then I see no harm in leaving it in there for the system to correct automatically.

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