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I've removed the synonym - let's see how it goes.


It's obvious that the OP simply typed "asp" (instead of "") in the tag field, and the system ever-so-helpfully replaced it with asp-classic for them. You are not wrong, 5772 renames since it was done, and given that [asp-classic] has just shy 10k questions this is more than clear that the synonym is causing disruption. I would prefer the asp ...


In the tag wiki it says: iText is available in Java as well as in C#. and at the right side of that page you see the tag synonyms where itextsharp is one of them. When a library has no major differences between platforms there is no real need to distinguish the two. By having one tag you probably have more chance to get your question answered as both ...


It might be a good idea to have a tag for apple-imageio (or is that cocoa-imageio?). You might have an acceptable case for removing [imageio] completely and only using [javax.imageio] and [apple-imageio], but there's no reason for that apple/cocoa framework to take over the existing imageio tag.


The true question here are: Is the Apple API apple.imageio/objective-c.imageio worth a tag? The API doesn't seem to be something wide IMO. If you use that tag but forget to use another wider relevant tag, you might not get answers because people will follow the main tag and not all the little ones. So I think it would be more wise to have the user use a ...


The proper name of the technology is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and in fact we already have the wsl tag which covers exactly same topic as ubuntu-on-windows and windows-bash. I think we should make both ubuntu-on-windows and windows-bash synonyms for wsl, with the following reasoning: ubuntu-on-windows is an interim/informal term for wsl, it was ...


From what I see, the suggestion got enough downvotes to get the synonym request rejected.


A tag that isn't used by any questions will get automatically deleted. Simply remove the tag from all your questions and it will disappear after a day or so. That being said, are you sure you aren't actually looking for static-initialization? This is the correct term in C and C++. For example, C++ classes with static storage duration will have their ...


I think it is amply evident that WinBatch is a completely different topic than batch files, so hopefully it's uncontroversial that in principle winbatch should be its own, independent tag, not linked to batch-file or anything else. Jon Clements brings up the question of whether breaking the association between winbatch and batch-file tags would in practice ...

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