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I went ahead and did a clean up of these tags this morning. The main tag is now sql-execution-plan with the description no longer specifying SQL Server as the database this tag was for. Then I made the following tags synonyms of it: query-plans explain-plan query-execution-plans query-plan execution-plan


These tags are a mess now. The most specific and clear tag out of the 3 is jquery-ui-sortable and is consistent with the tags for other jQuery UI widgets such as jquery-ui-draggable jquery-ui-droppable jquery-ui-tabs jquery-ui-datepicker jquery-ui-slider and so on. The tag sortable is very ambiguous and is mostly used to refer to jquery-ui-sortable. ...


I've removed the synonym - let's see how it goes.


It's obvious that the OP simply typed "asp" (instead of "") in the tag field, and the system ever-so-helpfully replaced it with asp-classic for them. You are not wrong, 5772 renames since it was done, and given that [asp-classic] has just shy 10k questions this is more than clear that the synonym is causing disruption. I would prefer the asp ...

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