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Neither should be. wheel is ambiguous and likely to clash with other projects, whl is not very helpful or discoverable. No-one will subscribe to wheel, for example, when there are also dozens of questions about mouse wheels and rotating galleries and physical Android device wheels being asked. We really need a python-wheel here; it covers the load better ...


I have always been of the opinion that css2.1 and css should be separated. I had a post asking if css2 (as in either the CSS level 2 standard in general, or specifically the 1998 recommendation) should be synonymized with css2.1 or vice versa, but I maintained that whichever version-specific tag was used, it should be kept separate from the generic tag. ...


You can request a merge. Basically if a tag has 0 questions associated to it, it will be automatically burninated after a period of time. So, the ways to destroy a tag are: Manually re-tag all things under the tag to the desired tag and then wait for the automated burnination of the tag which now has 0 questions. Ask a mod for a merge which is a ...


There is kind of a queue for synonym suggestions. However, I don't think many people look at it: http://stackoverflow.com/tags/synonyms?filter=suggested&tab=newest It also seems that it only shows a small fraction of the actual suggestions. I wonder why that is. That view will show you all suggested synonyms that you are allowed to vote on (having ...


You don't have to do anything. The migration "stub" will be removed automatically after 30 days, and if there are no other questions using that tag then the tag itself will be deleted within 31 days. If it's really bothering you, then earn the reputation necessary to suggest a synonym. You're almost there...


You can post a synonym-request here on MSO like this


I would say, let's get rid of both of them, it's no more useful than having a comma tag for questions involving commas. Which apparently we also have . . . Oh my. I'm afraid to search for other punctuation marks, it already looks like we have two thousand questions to clean up.

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