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Even if a clear line was to be drawn, we'd have to sort through 6,125 questions to tag correctly. Then most users will still tag incorrectly because few read even the wiki except. I fully support a merge/burnination.


Well, first off, they didn't. At the time they proposed the edit, the tags weren't synonyms. In fact, if you look at the actual suggested edit, they proposed changing the tag from management-studio to sql-management-studio. When the edit was finally approved, the synonym now existed and their proposed tag got rewritten to the new master tag when the edit was ...


For me it's a clear No! As @Makoto commented it is too specific and mostly not really a tag valuable for grouping. No user would be interested especially in questions tagged public or private. To replace those tags by access-modifier or (imho) better visibility would be more useful.


That describes quite well what happened with these tags. Back in August 2014, users set out to set the New Standard and retagged [sql] + [delete] questions to [sql] + [sql-delete]. Same treatment on [sql] + [insert]. Producing bizarre tautologies that questioners don't actually like to use. So now we have: 168 questions tagged [sql] + [sql-delete] ...


After commenting with few people active in awk I could get the necessary downvotes for this. So the suggested synonym is no longer available, thanks!


The map tag is a synonym of the dictionary tag, so it will automatically be replaced. http://stackoverflow.com/tags/dictionary/synonyms The following tags will be remapped to dictionary dict, dictionaries, and map

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