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Here is a breakdown of all tags matching the filter [*cocos*]. cocos2d-android Q: 348 cocos2d-extensions-ios Q: 3 cocos2d-html5 Q: 61 cocos2d-iphone Q: 10,390 cocos2d-iphone-2.x Q: 15 cocos2d-iphone-3 Q: 31 cocos2d-js Q: 234 cocos2d-python Q: 25 cocos2d-swift Q: 17 cocos2d-x Q: 3,124 cocos2d-x-2.x Q: 86 cocos2d-x-3.0 Q: 567 cocos2d-x-for-xna Q: 9 ...


Makes sense. Synonym is now removed.


It looked mainly to be for scipy.interpolate. interpolate -> interpolation merged and syn'd.


iPhones and iPod Touches are similar but not the same and should not be synonyms. As Cerbrus pointed out, they do not have the same capabilities: iOS Device Compatibility


Both tags iphone and ios already have other synonyms pointing towards them. Any tag which already has a synonym for it cannot be proposed as a synonym of another tag, because you end up with routes like this: [master-tag] <- [intermediate-tag] <- [synonym] In order to bypass restrictions like this, you have to get a moderator involved to either a) ...

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