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The message is misleading, but I know why it happens: There's a pending suggested synonym for string-formatting. The system reject it because it can't allow chains (stringformat -> string-formatting -> string). The solution is dismiss the suggestion by either approving or rejecting it and then propose the synonym again.


What you're looking for sounds like a meta tag. Those were dealt a death blow a few years ago. One that specifically calls out terrible code would be particularly problematic, considering that everyone can add tags to other people's questions.


I've already voted, and so did someone else, so this is now status-completed. string-formatting is a distinct enough area that it warrants having its own tag; otherwise you'll end up with a generic string formatting combo that doesn't quite do the subject justice on all those 1740 and growing posts. My bug report still stands even if this was resolved; the ...


I think “data encryption” is sometimes used in database contexts to mean that some columns are encrypted, but the schema and relations aren't. The tag data-encryption seems to be sometimes used with that meaning, but mostly interchangeably with encryption. There is no value in having a separate tag name, and its existence is harmful because it dilutes ...


If I go to for example the reactjs tag synonym page there's a message at the bottom explaining how it works Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms. Users with a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, can vote for tag synonyms. ...


That feature-request may have merit (feel free to post it separately), but I feel that in general, this is not a huge problem. They can be retagged as you come across them if you wish, but the general meaning comes across either way. As for the ones tagged c, preprocessor, and c-preprocessor, something needs to be done there: that's useless tagging (the ...


bre has been deleted. When you retagged the questions to biztalk-rule-engine, you left bre without any questions. When a tag has no questions when the tag deletion script runs, it is deleted. That said, this tag can still be re-created, but given how few questions it already had, I'd say this is unlikely.

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