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Yes please, make them synonyms. I'll vote for ecmascript-6 as the master.


Taking a look at top three questions of win-universal-app shows that users more likely use it for new W10 (UWP) apps than the uwp tag itself. This is probably in most cases caused by the reason mentioned by KooKiz - if you start typing universal in tag box, it will show everything but uwp. Therefore it will at least be needed to create new tag with universal ...


You have to keep in mind that [uwp] isn't actually new. It is just a marketing term from Microsoft, it is [winrt] with a different name. Primarily important because WinRT was a pretty big dud and widely ignored. Much like [win-universal-app], first used in Windows 8.1 and a very clumsy way to get a project to run both on a desktop and a phone. And the ...

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