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I suggest we burn them all (except git and github). There are no equivalent tags for neither svn, csv and there shouldn't be. Same as we don't have tags for all java classes, all bash functions, etc.


For category 1, I would say if they're explicitly related to the backport, then jsr310-backport makes sense. Otherwise, java-time makes sense. For category 2, if they're javax.time related and the interface has changed for java.time, then arguably they should just be deleted as they'll potentially do more harm than good. If they're still valid, then ...




Category 1 - should be named threeten-backport (jsr-310-backport is incorrect, as it is explicitly not a jsr-310 implementation). More broadly, the question is whether java-time already has a meaning (questions about time in Java, aka category 5) or whether it can be taken to have the desired meaning (category 4). Category 2 and 3 are just historic versions ...

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