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It is a synonym of uitableview, meaning that when you use it, it gets replaced by the "synonym parent".


We should be consistent with all the PKCS: currently pkcs#1 × 20 pkcs#5 × 27 pkcs7 × 208 pkcs#8 × 27 pkcs11 × 115 and pkcs#11 × 99 pkcs#12 × 191 pkcs#15 × 1 That's a majority of # uses (if a slight one if you count questions and not tags), and I agree that PKCS#11 and the like is “more correct” — as Wikipedia puts it, “The correct title of this article ...


AppMethod is a different licensing option for the same RAD Studio IDE, so tagging your questions AppMethod is just going to restrict who views it. Any question you could possibly ask about AppMethod is equally applicable under the combined tag of "firemonkey" (the framework) and either "delphi" or "c++builder", the language. The IDE used by AppMethod is ...

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