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On Database Administrators we have query-plan (54 questions) as a synonym of execution-plan (197 questions). The product (e.g. sql-server) and version are tagged separately. On Stack Overflow, the breakdown is: query-execution-plans (314 questions) sql-execution-plan (140 questions) query-plans (109 questions) All three essentially mean the same thing. My ...


I totally vote for angular2. Just see their news section. They always refer to Angular 2 (yes, there's a space, we can skip it instead of putting a dash). They do the same in their features section. If you go to their support section you'll see three tags (referencing StackOverflow) : angular2 angular2-forms angular2-template Ammount of questions ...


Paul, no-relation, White is on the right path with merging. I would contend for sql-execution-plan instead of execution-plan.

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