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Makes sense. Synonym is now removed.


Here is a breakdown of all tags matching the filter [*cocos*]. cocos2d-android Q: 348 cocos2d-extensions-ios Q: 3 cocos2d-html5 Q: 61 cocos2d-iphone Q: 10,390 cocos2d-iphone-2.x Q: 15 cocos2d-iphone-3 Q: 31 cocos2d-js Q: 234 cocos2d-python Q: 25 cocos2d-swift Q: 17 cocos2d-x Q: 3,124 cocos2d-x-2.x Q: 86 cocos2d-x-3.0 Q: 567 cocos2d-x-for-xna Q: 9 ...


Both tags iphone and ios already have other synonyms pointing towards them. Any tag which already has a synonym for it cannot be proposed as a synonym of another tag, because you end up with routes like this: [master-tag] <- [intermediate-tag] <- [synonym] In order to bypass restrictions like this, you have to get a moderator involved to either a) ...


iPhones and iPod Touches are similar but not the same and should not be synonyms. As Cerbrus pointed out, they do not have the same capabilities: iOS Device Compatibility


It looked mainly to be for scipy.interpolate. interpolate -> interpolation merged and syn'd.

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