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privatekey is now a synonym for and has been merged into private-key. I copied/pasted the tag excerpt from the old tag for the new one but from a glance it could do with a review and edit if anyone feels up for it.


The two are completely different. CPU-architecture would be questions about instruction set, page tables, branch prediction, etc. Computer-architecture would be about busses, co processing with the GPU, peripherals, etc. The two are not synonyms. Computer architecture is at a much higher level in the abstraction. You can make a case for either or both ...


Arguments against merging [private-key] into [public-key-encryption]: The two other big parts where public and private keys are used are signatures (digital-signature) and key exchange (diffie-hellman). Merging private keys into of those is certainly not the right thing to do. There are questions about encoding and decoding private keys that have nothing ...

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