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It definitely looks like an audit. Why doesn't explicit bool() conversion happen in contextual conversion It has +11 score. Some people have said you can sometimes tell if it's an audit if the tag doesn't match your filter.


Much of Stack Exchange's data is available for queries via Data.StackExchange. You can write queries that do many things. In this case, there's a rather old, existing query (yea, Data.SE search box is quite literal in what it searches for - they can be hard to find). Least answered tags (relative) This query returns back the tag, the number of unanswered ...


We don't support this case in search, it's a pretty narrow use case that'd require some indexing changes so it doesn't make sense to support it. That being said, if you had to extremely good use case we'll definitely entertain the idea...but I'm having trouble picturing a scenario.


Irritation finally prevailed over inertia, so I generalized an existing query in Data Explorer: http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/142695/questions-with-only-one-tag And created another: http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/158468/filter-questions-by-two-tag-names


There is one such way I know that you can achieve this functionality, but it requires a 'filter buddy'... Get yourself a 'filter buddy' (somebody who also has a StackExchange account) Send them the URL of your filter that you want to copy When they opens the filter, it will say something like "You are viewing a filter created by another user.", with a ...


I would guess that this is status-bydesign. Clicking antenna for example will just go to http://ham.stackexchange.com/?tags=antenna. The HTML source is: <a class="post-tag no-tag-menu selected" rel="tag" title="Show questions relating to antenna" href="/?tags=antenna"> antenna </a> You can see that linking to ...

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