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If you look at your profile, you can see your current score for each tag: Hovering over the score (not the tag or the total post count) will give you a breakdown of the questions and answers score. Alternatively, from the main page for the tag you can click on "Top Users" in the info panel which will give you the stats for that tag. Your current position ...


Your total score for answers in that tag, where score is the net sum of all upvotes minus all downvotes you received on answers with the java tag. You must have provided at least 200 non-wiki answers to questions with the java tag to qualify. It is not your reputation that is counted here. You can find out your current score by hovering over the tag score ...


You need to have gotten at least 1000 upvotes (at least, as score == upvotes - downvotes) on non-community answers on questions that are tagged with that tag. There should be at least 200 different questions where you got such upvotes.


Tag badges can be taken away. If an answer is deleted or downvoted, you could drop below the threshold and lose the badge if you now have fewer than 20 qualifying answers or your total score for the tag dropped below 100 again. You gained the badge, lost it, then gained it again. When you lose a tag badge, it is removed from your activity log as well, ...

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