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The entire tag info page are an exact copy between the two tags. Thus if any questions are tagged datatables and are not about jquery datatables, that is an error that should be corrected. (E.g. by retagging the questions as datatable.) So it seems obvious that the tags should be merged together and called jquery-datatables instead. Right now it is just ...


I recomment using the longer and more explicit scrolling as a master, not scroll. PlasmaHH will just have to move his magic scrolls to rpg.se, and finally decide whether they are spells or magic items. Other tags to synonym to that: scrollable vertical-scrolling horizontal-scrolling and scroller The other similar tags concentrate on specific tool-sets or ...


No, they are not. There is UIScrollView and NSScrollView in Objective-C, for example. And tagging a question about them with scrollview is normal. Note that in this case it is no longer synonym of android-scrollview.


Both tags should go. There's just too many different ways of storing and parsing configuration files as programmers in a boat. Just try to separate all the text and binary ways to store the configuration of a program. The only useful question "what configuration file format should I use?" that could have the tag, is useless for SO. Let them burn...


Neither delete nor deleted make any sense, they should both get removed since they are too vague and too broad. There are so many operations, language features, OS commands and other unrelated things that could sort under those tags. As we can tell by taking a brief look at some posts tagged with these tags.


I think config should be deleted. Like you said, it's ambiguous as it could refer to configuration file or act of configuring something. I think tags should have clear names so that you don't have to check the tag description. Whether configuration-files warrants its own tag is completely different can of worms.


It's done! (just to mark as accepted)


Done. There was a tag wiki that was lost in the merge and I restored its excerpt; for some reason, the main wiki content was extremely poorly-written compared to the excerpt, to the point where I was fine with it being lost in the merge.


The meaning of surface is far from limited to the Microsoft Surface tablet. It was created a long time ago with the naive meaning in geometry and is still used for that purpose. The geometry meaning was established long before tag wikis existed. microsoft-surface is currently about a different Microsoft technology, which is now known as pixelsense. The tag ...


I concur. Pixelsense is related, but different than Microsoft Surface, and should be its own tag. microsoft-surface should be the master, not surface. If some folks want to comb through the surface tag and clean it up, I'll fix the synonyms.


I gave it the final push. Even though indexing is not the only thing Lucene does (retrieval being the other thing), everything it does is related to indexing in one way or another.


No thanks, observable questions are largely referring to the name of an API rather than the general pattern concept.


Wouldn't cocoa-touch be a better tag for a majority of questions tagged ios and iphone? In cocoa-land, most experienced posters don't tag every question osx. I tend to reserve it for questions about operating-system services and other things which are larger than an app (or "mac ruby"- or "mac python"-type questions). Most of the high-quality questions seem ...


Merged and synonymized. Also, knock off the "how can there be an expert in..." crap - you don't need to dedicate your life to an API to garner some knowledge that can be useful to others. I've certainly spent some time monitoring fairly obscure tags after wasting an afternoon on worthless documentation, and I'm sure others have as well.


The actual API is NSDocumentDirectory (no "s"), so if we keep one it should be that. That said, I agree with Richard's comment, the tag seems entirely unnecessary.


Although a tag-synonym would potentially work, there are actual uses for these hardware-specific tags. That being said, the only real problem I have with iphone and ipad are that they are often used instead of the almighty ios. This usually curses these questions with less attention than they would have potentially received with ios. The same problem seems ...


No! While some people are obviously mistagging questions with only a hardware tag (or a hardware tag in place of the iOS tag), there are legitimate uses of hardware tags: Problem/constraint unique to a specific form factor (iPad vs iPhone/iPod, like modal view presentation on iPad) Problem unique to the hardware iPad/iPhone and not involving iOS (like ...


I disagree. All three of the tags have their purpose: ios for general questions about developing on iOS iphone for questions specific to an iPhone device ipad for questions specific to an iPad device There are some differences between the devices. I agree that the tag gets misused, but that's no reason to burninate/merge a useful tag. That same argument ...


Make them tag synonyms. iphone and ipad would become tag synonyms of the master tag ios. From the privilege page: What are tag synonyms? Tag synonyms allow us to fix incorrect tags by substituting them with the correct tags. When should I propose a tag synonym? Whenever you see questions being repeatedly tagged with the wrong or ...


Don't make them synonyms, rename them We should not get rid of device-specific tags for the reasons stated by connor and thegrinner, but we shouldn't keep the iphone and ipad tags either, as this obviously encourages confusion. These tags should probably be renamed to something like 'iphone-specific' or 'iphone-device', with a proper description.


if someone TYPES IN "iPhone" as a tag, would it automatically bring up "iOS" ? (and indeed, not allow them to enter "iPhone") If so - it should be done. Secondly - would it affect broader google searches somehow? people REALLY like typing and searching on "iPhone" when they actually mean "apple stuff". I bet 95% of the time when someone "means" "ios ...


These should all be synonyms of x11, which has many more questions than either of these 3.

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