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Done and Done - both tmpfile and tempfile are now synonyms of temporary-files.


We should switch multisite to wordpress-mu in all WP related questions. I counted four (1, 2, 3, 4) that are not. Then we'd get rid of that description on multisite to something more general, not tied to WP or, even better, get rid of it until something deserving it appears.


What's the point? Are people active in these tags requesting this? Is the existing tag somehow unclear or ambiguous? Are we seeing questions not find the existing tag? If the new names are useful, they'll start being used. Then a synonym relationship can be set up. No need to edit tag names.


Like this: Suggested Retag/Synonym: team-foundation-service is now visual-studio-online You may need to catch a moderator's attention after sufficient discussion has taken place to establish support for the change.

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