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http-redirect is currently suggested as a synonym for http, so we can't proceed on that. Floern has opened up a suggestion to synonymize redirect with url-redirection which people with sufficient tag score can vote on.


Yes please. I came to Meta to ask for this and found this thread. acf has already been officially suggested as a synonym of advanced-custom-fields but currently has 0 votes. I'm going to work on a few answers in advanced-custom-fields so I can get the required reputation to vote for it, but it's going to need another 3 people to do the same. Unless - and ...


After the question was raised, an independent tag google-sheets-api was created. The current situation is that both tags are in use: google-spreadsheet-api (1171 questions) google-sheets-api (32 questions) So it's no longer just a naming issue: questions already got split between tags with identical meaning. This requires synonymization and merge. The ...

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