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Both look like useless tags to me with 0 followers. I'd burn them rather than make them synonyms. Anyone that finds questions related to them will be finding them via a specific language where coding around capitalisation (sorry that's the Queen's English) will be different. The tags add little value as nobody is a specialist in CaPiTaLiSaTiOn. 164 ...


I suggest we burn them all (except git and github). There are no equivalent tags for neither svn, csv and there shouldn't be. Same as we don't have tags for all java classes, all bash functions, etc.


The entire tag info page are an exact copy between the two tags. Thus if any questions are tagged datatables and are not about jquery datatables, that is an error that should be corrected. (E.g. by retagging the questions as datatable.) So it seems obvious that the tags should be merged together and called jquery-datatables instead. Right now it is just ...


I recomment using the longer and more explicit scrolling as a master, not scroll. PlasmaHH will just have to move his magic scrolls to rpg.se, and finally decide whether they are spells or magic items. Other tags to synonym to that: scrollable vertical-scrolling horizontal-scrolling and scroller The other similar tags concentrate on specific tool-sets or ...


No, they are not. There is UIScrollView and NSScrollView in Objective-C, for example. And tagging a question about them with scrollview is normal. Note that in this case it is no longer synonym of android-scrollview.


Both tags should go. There's just too many different ways of storing and parsing configuration files as programmers in a boat. Just try to separate all the text and binary ways to store the configuration of a program. The only useful question "what configuration file format should I use?" that could have the tag, is useless for SO. Let them burn...


Neither delete nor deleted make any sense, they should both get removed since they are too vague and too broad. There are so many operations, language features, OS commands and other unrelated things that could sort under those tags. As we can tell by taking a brief look at some posts tagged with these tags.


I think config should be deleted. Like you said, it's ambiguous as it could refer to configuration file or act of configuring something. I think tags should have clear names so that you don't have to check the tag description. Whether configuration-files warrants its own tag is completely different can of worms.


It's done! (just to mark as accepted)


Done. There was a tag wiki that was lost in the merge and I restored its excerpt; for some reason, the main wiki content was extremely poorly-written compared to the excerpt, to the point where I was fine with it being lost in the merge.

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