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I've gone ahead and merged/synonymized all the tags into spam-prevention except for the spam tag itself. Simply because browsing through the first page of questions there, I quickly ran across this question which is a result of spam but had nothing to do with spam itself and this question about mail not being delivered which just plain isn't on-topic here ...


Yes, the way the current tag info and especially excerpt for sync are written ("is a synonym for Synchronization") it should be easy to merge it with synchronization (and while at it, also with synchronisation and synchronize). However, the term sync does also abbreviate synchronous, which means something entirely different. Similarly, async is already a ...


The esoteric tag is cleared now. Questions about esoteric languages are re-tagged with esoteric-languages. And it's removed from other questions (only several) not related to esoteric languages


This has been dealt with by animuson, and done the right way. ecmasccript-6 is now the main tag for any es6 and ecmascript-6 tagged question.

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