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I think non-ascii-chars is the better choice here (since it's kinda/sorta more general), but I really dislike the short "chars" in there. I propose renaming/merging non-ascii-chars into non-ascii-characters, and then synonymizing/merging accented-strings into that.


A synonym has already been suggested, so... Go Vote For It! If you have a score of 5 or more in the tag (Tag scores), and at least 2500 reputation on the site, you can vote to make it a synonym. Once it reaches a score of 4, it will become a synonym... Yaay!


Yes please, make them synonyms. I'll vote for ecmascript-6 as the master.


They are completely synonymous. If you were to unshortify? the tags, it would literally be the same thing. gh = github gh-pages = github-pages = github-pages That logic.


I have suggested google-recaptcha as a synonym of recaptcha. It now needs four upvotes to be accepted. If you have at least 5 total upvotes for questions tagged recaptcha, you can vote for the synonym here: http://stackoverflow.com/tags/recaptcha/synonyms

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