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endianness is the concept, big-endian and little-endian are just enumerating implementations. We don't need separate tags for all the natural numbers (Tags for zero, one, and forty-two, anyone?) and neither do we need tags for the different enumerated endiannesses, since they all do exactly the same thing -- map between address (if parallel) or timing (if ...


I'd suggest dropping pcl but keeping (or creating - I don't know if they already exist) pcl5 and pcl6. People looking for help with printing are more likely to recognise those than printer-control-language, and having two different tags will help people narrow down their problem. (Despite the similar names, PCL5 and PCL6 are completely different, unrelated ...


As noted in the comments @pnuts is correct. Chains/hierarchies only worked for a brief period, all of the existing ones were created before August 2011.


Perhaps something like whitespace (language) for those few that relate to the language. And then merge whitespace and removing-whitespace


To maintain consistency with the other [ipad-*] tags, I've created ipad-pro and made ipadpro a synonym of it. Seeing as how your question was the one to introduce ipadpro (there were no previous questions in that tag), I'm not entirely sure as to why you didn't choose the other one to begin with. You should have been able to create it at the time you asked ...


Cross-posting this answer with what I posted on your other topic about synonyms as I feel it's very relevant here: Whilst on the subject of tag synonyms, I'm going to bring up this issue: I imagine there would be far fewer tag synonyms to handle if a new privilege was set up to allow trusted users to bypass the ...


I'll grant that there was some use to separating Swift 2.0-beta questions from Swift questions while Swift 2.0 was in beta. However... It's out of beta now. Swift 2.0 shipped with Xcode 7.0 on September 16. As others have noted in comments, there's no reason to continue developing in Swift 1.x — Swift 2.0 / Xcode 7 can deploy back to the same target OS ...


One of the questions should have been on MSO. I've retagged the other question.

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