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Fixing the dos tag has no easy solution. First you'd have to decide whether it's a tag worth keeping and if so how it should be defined. Second you'd then need to go through all 2000 posts with the tag and retag them accordingly. Justification for Burnination As you note, SuperUser decided that the tag wasn't worth keeping, and in fact they went so far as ...


Although I agree with broadcastreceiver being merged into android-broadcastreceiver. android-broadcast has a slightly different meaning. android-broadcast is interpretted more as the sending of a broadcast, as opposed to the receiving. The description for android-broadcast explains it quite well: A broadcast intent on the Android platform is a special ...


I've merged visual-studio-online into vs-team-services and created a synonym for it. All the old synonyms have also been transferred in the process.


After consideration (and contrary to my previous answer), I think SO should follow Symfony's name, the number 2 was removed from the official name: hasn't been officially announced, but here is the RFC/ticket about it: – Wouter J Jun 29 '15 at 9:43 So the symfony tag should be used by default for ...

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