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onKeyPress is the native event handler for JavaScript, whereas keypress is part of jQuery's API and also used to indicate the event for a key being pressed in many languages. I certainly don't think that we need to remove them, because there is some context included with the tag. I also think that since keypress represents such a large group of language ...


I went ahead and did a clean up of these tags this morning. The main tag is now sql-execution-plan with the description no longer specifying SQL Server as the database this tag was for. Then I made the following tags synonyms of it: query-plans explain-plan query-execution-plans query-plan execution-plan


I tested tags and see that there is a tag appcelerator-titanium that appears in case you type appcelerator or type titanium. The logic dictates to me to use always the combined tag. We must educate people to use the combined tag and in the future will be no doubt about what we are talking. Titanium is a subset of Appcelerator, that can work alone obviously, ...

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