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Preserving spark-framework as a synonym of spark-java does not look worthwhile (the tag-names are too similar), thus I looked into simply burning it down: I added the single fact the first tag wiki had and the master didn't to the master (wikipedia-link). Then I manually re-tagged the 10 questions (for so few questions, that's ok). I looked for other ...


Obviously, I'm in favor of this proposal since I initially asked it. My reasoning is that if you look at the questions it seems like the declarations are all just plural accidentally without checking the existence of the singular version first. The declarations questions sometimes ask about a single declaration and similarly the declaration questions often ...


I propose we make n-tier a synonym that points to n-tier-architecture.


No, because: this in Javascript (its most commonly associated tag) and self in Python (likewise) are not synonyms; they are distinct in a number of important ways. In PHP, $this and self are also distinct concepts. If one is made a synonym of the other, the "loser" would be automatically converted to the "winner", causing severe confusion for beginner ...


There are now no questions tagged declarations. I voted for the synonymization, but for a mere 40-odd questions, retagging is effective and doable. For 400 questions, creating a synonym should be easier.


No need for those to be out there, how about we just make both sql-management-studio and management-studio a synonym of ssms? They were both already pending synonyms on ssms just waiting more approvals. I've just made them synonyms and merged them. It should clear things up a bit.


They're not referring to the same thing. PowerMock is meant for users who actually use EasyMock. PowerMockito is meant for users who use Mockito. Having worked with all three, there is a difference. While both talk about the same general thing (mocking static methods and generally doing other mocks that the base mocking framework - either EasyMock or ...


All questions from those tags have been gathered into ini.


This has been completed. uidynamics is a now a synonym of uikit-dynamics.


Both bencode and bencoding were created 3.5 hours before your meta-request by their one-and-only question How to bencode non-ascii strings and non-integer numbers? The tag-wiki was added 1.5 hours later, and while it's not anything to write home about, I guess it's good enough as a start. There's no need to make a synonym for that similar single-use tags, ...


Even if a clear line was to be drawn, we'd have to sort through 6,125 questions to tag correctly. Then most users will still tag incorrectly because few read even the wiki except. I fully support a merge/burnination.


They're closely related, but they're not the same thing. Just a quick sample of the questions under the digital-logic tag suggest that these particular questions deal with actual digital circuits, like microprocessors: Number of Prime Implicant and EPI micro-programmed control circuit and one questions How CPUs implement Instructions like MUL/MULT? ...

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