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Such edits are still being reviewed, just less explicitly. The edited post gets bumped back to the front-page and the post owner gets a notification. Nothing is permanent, everything can be fixed. If such a user gives one of my posts a terminal case of Lyme disease by adding twenty back-ticks then, bam, a quick rollback is all it takes to restore health.


Please help me improve it and let me know where am I lacking? First, the folks casting the downvotes may be different than the folks casting the close votes. There's no way to tell why someone downvoted sans them leaving you a comment and telling you. If you click on the Close(3) link, you will see three people voted to close because: Questions ...


Sure! With dots (more commonly known as the range operator)! is:answer score:..-2


Well, let's see... You failed this one most recently. A few days prior, you failed this one right after coming off a 30-day review suspension for failing this one... ...I could go on listing the audits you've failed, but I think you get the point: you've failed a lot more than one. In fact, you've been banned from review a total of 8 times at this point. I ...


Here are the rules for the Sportsmanship badge: Cast 100 upvotes on competing answers If you answer a question and earn a score of at least one, all other answers to that question are considered "competing answers" Upvotes you cast before you post your own answer do not count Deleted posts do not count Retracted votes do not count ...


It will be declared within hours (if not minutes) of being finished.


You're looking for the Your Personalized Prediction Data page: You can get to it by going to the Edit Profile and Settings tab on your profile, then Preferences, then the Manage personalized predictions link at the bottom of the page. (You might also be interested in my web application for uploading and visualizing the results):


Perhaps I had flagged it for the wrong reason for example? I believe that if I were educated as to why it was disputed it could help my flagging in the future It's definitely worth revisiting reviews and flags that are disputed/declined to see what you can learn, but in this case I would say you were right and the other folks were wrong. The question ...


Either people are editing these out, or it is getting automatically removed. Salutations and signatures are seen as detracting from the question - which is what the site focuses on, and are removed as "noise", as things that are not relevant to what one is asking. When it comes to answers, they are relevant to everyone who is experiencing the same ...


Under the present system, the timing of votes is of no consequence. When the deletion script runs, it identifies all questions that meet the criteria for deletion at that moment, and deletes them. Only the state of the question at the run time matters, not how it got there.


Based on this query on data.SE the meanings of the terms are as follows: Well-received: Question score is positive and the question isn’t closed. Maintaining a positive question record: Equation (sum(total) - sum(negative) - sum(closed)) / sum(total) yields over 0.5 for all your questions. 100 separate days: Not included in that query, but basically ...


"rude or offensive" flags on comments don't have the sort of immediate effects that similar flags do on posts. They don't carry an automatic reputation penalty or work to block the user in any way. The only automated mechanism is immediate deletion by the system if a flagged comment has certain choice words in it. However, moderators can take action on ...


The question you have asked is close worthy (in my opinion) for a number of reasons. It also has some problems with the way it is presented. First, asking for an example. By asking for an example, it sounds very close to the close reason Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are ...


First the review itself.... I would have done the same as you. The answer really looks like it is a reply to the other answer and should have been a comment. The entire question really looks like a mess. There is at least one more, maybe 2 that are also comments (at least the look like questions with some extra info). But I don't know enough about iOS to ...


Oops, never mind, it appears the OP asked the question at least twice. The one I hammered is this one, it was re-opened normally by 5 SO-user votes. Ugh.


No, there is no tolerance - you have to have logged in and done something for 100 consecutive UTC days. I wouldn't "work" for this one, if it happens it happens but it doesn't actually help you at all. If you want a badge work for one of the ones that help you or the community.


Most of the questions I come across need to be edited, this is an indication that there are many questions that should be edited. Usually, users with 2K+ reputation posted many answers/questions, so their posts were corrected or they got used to formation on Stack Overflow. In any other case, the posts can be easily rolled back by more experienced user or ...


To show appreciation to a user; Upvote their answer/question - this will show that you appreciate their answer and/or they post a high-quality question as per How to Ask Accept the answer - if you asked a question and someone gave a solution that helped you, you can always accept the answer (this will show appreciation without any need of "Thank you" ...


Does Stack Overflow or Meta have a Killfile equivalent? No. No Stack Exchange sites have anything like that. If so, where is it and how does one use it? Since there isn't one... one can't use it ;) There are no plans to add such a feature.


Comment flags carry no automatic penalties. Low threshold deletion applies to comments which get flagged and match certain things, so a single flag can sometimes be enough to delete a comment if it's particularly obviously bad. Often the worst comments rapidly get the 3 flags needed to kill them long before a moderator comes along. A custom comment flag ...


You should post the minimal amount of pertinent code that helps explain your problem in the question and avoid linking to something downloadable. Most people will be very wary of downloading anything to their local machine. They don't know where it originates from, what it might contain, or might not have the proper tools or software to do anything useful ...


This faded formatting indicates that the question is tagged with one of your ignored tags. Based on your image, I'd guess that ignored tag is javascript. You can change your ignored tags by selecting the Edit link next to "Favorite Tags" on the right hand bar (under the community bulletin) From here you can add or remove tags you wish to ignore.


If you feel you are being targeted by serial downvoting which is not being detected due to gaming the system, then raise a custom flag on one of the posts with the downvote and explain the situation. Make sure to let the system have a chance at catching it automatically though, the script tends to run at the beginning of the UTC day (but waiting 24 hours in ...


Don't worry. IMO, this "we" here is was Nosism. Looks like a case of vengeance. The "case" has been handled. Details here. Peace. :-)


Do accepted edits count towards a total score for the Tag Badge? Score means the difference between upvotes and downvotes (score = number of upvotes - number of downvotes). Edits don't come into it. Is there any way to see a total scores for each of my favorite tags? Sure. Go to your profile tags page and hover over the number to the left of a ...


Regarding the example question you linked, it seems to me that a bit more effort at understanding the code could go a long way. The blog post you cited is actually very good. Much of it describes how to set up demonstration tables, so if you already have tables or already know how to set up tables, just mentally skip over that part. The important code ...


A post you had edited (and gained +2 for the suggested edit) was deleted. See also: Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?


Once you gain the privilege to vote to close, you cannot cast close flags anymore. You will instead cast close votes. So what you're seeing is normal, since you have the 3k rep required for the vote to close privilege.


The cause of this bug remains unclear. However the points lacking were added around 6-7 hours after the question was accepted as answered. I guess SO was experiencing some problems which have been solved, at least in my case.


You cannot 'notify' a reviewer, though you can do so to an editor. This happens from time to time in the sas tag which I frequent; people close or edit questions harmfully because they don't know SAS. When that happens, I: Rollback the edit or vote to re-open Leave a (general) comment letting people know why the edit/close is incorrect That's about ...

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