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You can go to your profile page > Edit Profile and Settings > My Logins. From here you can add more logins..., for example using a google, yahoo, etc account or an OpenId if you have one. See https://stackoverflow.com/help/edit-credentials and How do I change my OpenID provider(s)? for more information.


Let's talk about this on a case-by-case basis. That's how I view questions/answers, regardless of who's asking/answering. The question How to recover deleted data using Java? asks a very broad question in and of itself (How do I recover deleted data?). The reason that this is broad is easy enough to enumerate: how the data was destroyed if the data was ...


Such a feature does not exist because it makes text unreadable.


Most likely, yes. The problem with shortlinks is that they're often used not to work around the character limit, because URLs very rarely ever get that long, but to work around the blacklist to link to sites like LMGTFY, or worse, spam. Your original comment that was deleted looked like this: They don't Taken out of context, this reads like a ...


Just using one <sub> block or <sup> block will suffice.* *: Suffice as in "will do; you really don't need to make text much smaller than this.


Not until you're a 10K+ user. But when you are, they show up under the Votes tab with the same color as all deleted posts on Stack Overflow.


You can flag for moderator attention to revoke the bounty and close the question, it is clearly too broad (give me teh codez) as is. Short of that, downvote if you like and/or leave a comment (both of which I have done). Otherwise, there's not much that can be done, it is treated just like any other question besides the inability to close due to the ...


You could always undelete your facebook account, it doesnt really delete it, just deactivates it. This might help someone who has already signed out of facebook.


The account was deleted because it was being used to evade system limitations. It was by far not the only account that got this treatment. I'm sorry you were caught up in this, but the bounty should never have been offered in the first place.


The question was closed, officially, as Primarily Opinion based. You ask three distinct questions. Generally, this means the question is too broad. Your questions: Is it something you often use? This type of question isn't revelant, is it? Do you really care if someone uses this often? What do you, or future readers, get out of an answer that ...


As @rene said in the comments: If you really feel a question needs some more urgency to gets closed (maybe because they are asked in a low-traffic tag) feel free to drop a [tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30296314/semi-transparent-box-with-html-css in the SO Close Vote reviewers chat room.


Fear is a good thing. Stackoverflow is a very critical peer-reviewed environment. You're putting your code and professional knowledge in the face of many other professional programmers and are giving them carte blanche to publicly critique your work. Use this as growing opportunity, don't shy away from it. Push yourself to write the best possible content you ...


When I asked for an explanation with a comment I was totally ignored. You are not entitled to a response. The issue of commenting with down-/close-votes has been discussed on Meta repeatedly, and any suggestion of forcing users to do so rejected. Then I put my question in the original question, but someone simply restored the original question. ...


For comments like that, either option is sensible from my perspective. I tend to be pretty relaxed about comment flags in general. Obsolete would even be reasonable if the comment was old and had clearly been read by the person it was intended for. Watch out for the comments that are a mix of constructive feedback and a thanks as well though. Finally it's ...


When you mark an answer as accepted, the owner of that answer gets +15 reputation points. Those are indeed taken away if you unaccept their answer. If you choose a different answer to accept, then that other user will get the +15. You shouldn't really take that into account though if the answer has a problem. We don't want incorrect answers sticking at the ...


Is there a way to give an answer without fear? Yes there is, let go of the fear. You have to realise that the fear is something you produce yourself and has nothing to do with the down vote or your answer. We want good questions and answers here, and that means you have first have to conform to, and align with, what the site's visitors deem good. A ...


Those accounts were simply deleted; we don't keep all user accounts. Those accounts in the low ids were mostly test accounts and moderators delete the accounts of spammers and trolls. In addition sometimes people delete their own accounts (or request that they are deleted if they cannot do this themselves). There is no need to reuse those ids, especially if ...


From List of all badges with full descriptions. "Any open question that is not deleted and has a of score >= 1 is considered well-received" It explains the formula as well. The wording may have been changed, but AFAIU the requirements haven't.


Someone awarded your answer a bounty of 100 points which is what the +100 on the post. This cost the person 100 rep which was given to you as a reward for your answer above the standard +10 for upvoting an answer.


If someone is asking follow up questions in the comments just walk away. Comments are not the place for questions and answers - if nothing else the formatting options are limited. If someone is changing their question then either rollback (just the once) or flag it for moderator attention if they are repeat offenders.


Example code isn't required, but it is often helpful. The issue comes down to whether you're answering the question completely or just pointing the user in the right direction. Try to make sure that you're giving a complete answer, not just a "This is what's really causing the problem..." There's nothing wrong with explaining the cause of the problem, ...


Yes. But make sure you aren't repeating something, already thoroughly trashed, yet again. Or something just waiting to rise to the top of the (huge) heap of fully discussed suggestions. Make sure you are familiar with the content of the help centre - be sure your assumptions about how it is supposed to work are correct.


What you need to do is to go to your profile page, http://stackoverflow.com/users/4660209/roger-deangelis , and then select Edit Profile and Settings, then select Preferences. Make sure your email address is in the box "send notification emails to...", and then click on "Manage filtered questions emails". You can either click on "Favorite tags" if you've ...


There is no support to change font types in the editor. This includes fontello or other web icons fonts. If it was demonstrated that there was a wide need for such a feature, it might be considered.


As shown on the moderators list, the new members are added to the group. In this case, in 2015, one moderator decided to step down and was removed. I also point you to the accepted answer and discussion on Should Community Moderators be “elected for life”, or have terms? (on MSE). It states, in part, that replacing moderators instead of accumulating them ...


Yes this is a bug in DownloadHelper 5.3.0. Version 5.3.1 has been reported to fix the issue. This last version is under review at Mozilla but can be installed from now from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/versions/?page=1#version-5.3.1


Yes. It should have been a new question. It completely changes the original question and is more conversational than an actual 'edit'.


There are two real situations here: A user is plagiarizing content from another answer in his own answer. A user is providing an answer to a question that is their own original content, but that has very similar information to other answers, and that you feel is not adding any additional value. If you suspect the first case, flag for a mod. You could ...


The fact that you're asking how to convert someone else's question and all answers on it to a community wiki indicates that you may be misunderstanding what Community Wiki is for. (Nothing wrong with that - it's not inherently totally clear!) Marking a question as Community Wiki doesn't inherently mean it's "better" or "more official" than anything else. ...

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