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Yes, if you reject such edits as spam or vandalism then that information feeds back to the spam protection measures. That is in addition to the normal suggested edit bans for registered accounts; repeated rejections mean the user will be (temporarily) blocked from suggesting more edits. Please do reject all these edits; you as the post author get a veto ...


This is because there are other people on the same network as you posting questions to ubuntu. You deleting your SO question wouldn't change a thing. The rate limiting applies to all accounts on a particular network (below a certain reputation level) to prevent users from creating new accounts to get around rate limits.


There is a strong preference for using the Stack Exchange Imgur account for uploading images for the simple reason that this is the only method guaranteed to be available (at least as long as the sites themselves exist). Images on free hosters tend to expire at some point, images on personal hosting can get unavailable after a while as well. Fixing this ...


Is it a rule on Stack Overflow/Meta that we must use Imgur for images? There is no such rule. Our upload tool will use imgur by default, but if you have an existing image on the web that you want to use directly, you can just use that (using the markdown image syntax): ![image alt](http://example.com/path/to/image.jpg "image title") Or: ![image ...


NAA is there for answers that don't attempt to answer the question. It's not appropriate for answers that attempt to, but fail, to answer the question. If you think that an answer fails to adequately answer the question then the appropriate course of action is to downvote it.


Use [Name](link) to post a link in a comment.You can find more details here as well as by clicking the help button which appears after you press the add a comment button(below the big black Add Comment button)

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