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The rule is simple: Improve whatever needs improvement. If the only improvement that should be done is in the title, go ahead and edit it, even if it's only one character; However, if the post contains other errors (formation, spelling, bad indentation, etc) you shouldn't only fix that typo in the title, but rather try to edit everything (that what makes ...


How invested are you in the outcome? If you truly believe it is a bad edit, and you are willing to put forth the effort to babysit the post until the edit is approved or rejected, it is definitely acceptable to rollback an edit that you feel should not have been applied in the first place. If you are truly invested in the post, and are willing to further ...


In the same vein of thought as Makoto, I would like to make a slight alternative suggestion to the restrictions. Instead of making edit protection moderator/post-owner only, let's make it a high-level privilege; protecting questions already instills a reputation requirement, anyway (admittedly a pretty low one). Giving users the ability to edit ...


You can't cancel suggested edits. Not on regular posts, and not on tag wikis. Your edit will either be approved or declined in due course (it has been for your most recent edit).

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