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Did you just remove the tag or did you make other edits to the question as well? I've just checked a couple of your suggestions and they were just to remove the tag. You did explain what you were doing in the edit comment, but people don't always read those. I would guess that the rejects were from people who felt that you should have fixed other problems ...


Don't worry. IMO, this "we" here is was Nosism. Looks like a case of vengeance. The "case" has been handled. Details here. Peace. :-)


Evaluate them by their specific intrinsic value. But many of them had a Related tag : Ruby section added. Is this allowed/relevant? They are trying to consistently relate a type of post about a topic which relevance is crucial for them: approve them. If these are not relevant edits, what is the process the flag this activity? They are just plain ...


A post you had edited (and gained +2 for the suggested edit) was deleted. See also: Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?


The rejection message, on the page of the edit suggestion, gives you the reason: This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit. There was not necessarily anything wrong with that edit. There was simply someone else editing at the same time. And the other edit won out. There is one other way in which Community User may reject an edit: when a reviewer ...

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