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If you see a scope to improve, please do improve the edit and do not just click on approve. That's what happened here. Florin Ghita did improve the edit. This shows up as two consecutive but separate edits, one by the author of the edit suggestion, and one by the person making an improvement, so that credit is given where credit is due. It wouldn't be ...


I partially agree with you. In that specific question, I agree that the reviewer should have improved the edit because there are other things that should be improved. If I came across similar question, that adding the question mark was the only improvement that should be done, I would have edited it. Hence, if I were reviewing a post that suggested the ...


Edits are supposed to fix everything wrong in the post. Each time you fail to do that you run the risk that your edit will be rejected. It's certainly possible, however for the original poster to add aditional details after you've edited a question so the availability of additional points mainly covers that possibility.

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