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Possibly, but it depends on the specific circumstances. If you see a clear pattern of a particular user making careless reviews, and suspect them of abusing the review queues, you can flag for that. However, you need to provide us evidence of this abuse (links to specific bad reviews) if you want to be sure we see what you did. Particularly egregious ...


I am throwing my idea for the community judgement and let's see if this could possibly be a good resolution to the problematic ties. you must have heard of the War (card-game). When there is a draw another 3 cards are needed to be dealt. I think when there are 2-2 votes the count should just reset and the edit should sort of re-enter the queue.


AFAIK, there is no way to "cancel" a suggested edit that you've already submitted. However, you should find that if the author made an edit to a post (or anybody with instant editing powers for that matter), your suggested edit will be rejected. This will show up as rejected by "Community‚ô¶". These rejections do not count against you, so don't be alarmed ...

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