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As these are clearly not being done by the OP I would reject them. There is absolutely no point in mass editing posts to convert code to Stack Snippets as I've said both here, here and on Meta Stack Exchange. If you find you have to edit one of your own posts for any reason then that's the time to update any code to be a snippet.


Because there has been a long (and still ongoing) problem of users incorrectly reviewing suggested edits, despite having the privilege to edit posts without review. Too many people simply don't put in the attention to evaluating edits that they do in actually making them.


Because we are humans. And if you can edit a post on your own, chances are you are focusing on the task at hand. But if an edit comes through an automated process like the edit queue the chances of you just switching to “auto-pilot” is high. It’s not a perfect system, but it works if you understand what humility is.


The reason for the explicit discrepancy is apparent in the disparate effects of the two actions. If you make an edit yourself, nobody gains rep. If you approve a suggested edit, someone gains 2 rep. Hence the additional verification. You can approve that rep unilaterally by 'improving' the edit, but that is enough additional work that it won't ...


I think that the answer is very clear, if you want to follow what's intended by this change. If the edit improves the post, approve it. Yes, that means if they add (useful) code formatting you should approve it. Yes, that means if they add a truly useful tag approve it. (I still reject a lot of tag-edits because they add a stupid tag that doesn't belong ...


As per the linked discussions, the correct answer is found here: Lightness Races In Orbit's answer on "What should be used in place of “Too Minor?”" Does it improve the post to any degree? Accept it. So in other words, edits that were previously considered as "too minor" can now just be accepted. This attitude seems to be reflected in the much ...

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