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This is first brought up in the question: Better HTTPS support for Stack Exchange sites in december 2011. And re-surfaced earlier this year in Roadmap for HTTPS/SSL support Nick Craver wrote the steps needed to implement SSL support across the network and Stackoverflow.com: the road to SSL There are similar posts on MSE like Firefox SSL warning for ...


I've updated the codebase so that new sponsored tags, going forward will use protocol relative URIs. Once that's been pushed out, I'll update the currently stored URIs to be protocol relative as well. One small step for sponsored tags, a tiny leap for HTTPS support. The above has been backed out - there were a few bad assumptions in the fix and some ...


This isn't going to be there just yet in the private beta, but that's indeed on the longer-term roadmap!


Definitely in some form, but maybe not be at the very top of the Team page. We do want to surface Q&A activity on Teams, perhaps on a separate tab (which would be the natural location for reputation, top posts, top tags, etc. to be shown).


Yes, there are such plans! Currently, anyone that joins the Team can do anything, but this will evolve during the private beta / before the public beta! We might fix this either by having actions that require multiple users to approve it, or by having good old permission levels / roles. Let us know if you have any ideas / considerations you think we ...


We do have plans to eventually let you group Teams in organizations (in your example, you'd have a "BSG" organization). Eventually, you should also be able to tie those organizations to companies in Careers in order to e.g. advertise an opening directly on a Teams's page (this is something we mentioned in The Goal of Teams: Our Follow-Up to Your Questions). ...

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