This tag indicates that the site developers were unable to recreate the behavior described in a report. It may indicate that the bug was intermittent, or merely that you didn't thoroughly explain the circumstances under which you encountered it. First, verify that you can still cause the bug to appear, and (if you can) then:

  • Describe in detail what you were doing when it happened. Include links to any relevant pages / posts.

  • Describe your environment: browser make and version, OS, Greasemonkey scripts (if appropriate).

  • Include screenshots if applicable. Use hand-drawn circles to highlight key portions of the problem. Use drop-shadows to offset the screenshot so as to prevent readers from frustratedly clicking portions of it.

This tag can only be added or removed by moderators and site developers.

Copied from: http://meta.stackexchange.com/tags/status-norepro/info

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