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So... You're right, that page could use a bit of love. But it has one critical feature that /tour does not: Search A real, live, working search box. And people use it! As hard as it can be sometimes to get folks to do any searching before asking a question, this is not something wise to toss aside. Heck, we could probably throw away most of the rest ...


Reputation notifications already exist in several places, so I'm going to just address flags here... A long, long time ago, users over a certain rep level could see flags on their posts. They weren't notified of them (notifications as we know them now didn't even exist) but if they looked they could see them. ...This led to a lot of unconstructive drama. ...


As a general rule, moving questions between different Stack Exchange communities is a pretty rough experience for the user; we generally try to minimize it. Flagging is the appropriate way to indicate that you think a question belongs on another site. In some cases, a question could fit on multiple sites...if it isn't explicitly off-topic on the site where ...


I see two potential issues here, one being larger than the other. First, your questions could use some love. They're not the greatest questions, although one or two do have some well-written answers to them. Writing a good, detailed question which is likely to be helpful to others is a good way to attract more initial attention to it. Second, no rule or ...


50% people in the world will be awake the time you goto bed .Dont worry.


As Grace Note said in the post rene linked to, tags are purposefully case-insensitive. We don't have the ability to change the display for just this tag without changing the rest of the system, and we're unlikely to do that. I do see your confusion, but I'm afraid the one instance isn't enough to warrant changing the system that works pretty well 99% of the ...


The best way to suggest improvement is to show, not tell. The best guidance you can give a struggling user is highly customized. In many cases, the best help you can give is to edit the post yourself. Poor grammar / confusing sentences? Fix them to the best of your ability (and maybe leave a comment if there are bits you can't decipher enough to fix). Poor ...


It is vitally important that questions with serious problems get closed immediately, not a while later. In addition to providing the appropriate feedback indicating that the question needs to be fixed before it can be answered, the fact that answers cannot be posted is an important incentive to actually fix the question. When the question author feels that ...


This information is not supposed to be relevant to users. Whenever you see a problem that warrants review or moderator attention, you should flag it, regardless of whether it has been seen or flagged by anyone else. A problem is a problem as long as it has not been handled. As mentioned, the number of flags against a post has several tangible effects on its ...


Downvotes, that themselves are questionable, to questions that are well-formed and present valid issue should be explained or the voter should capable of being identified. Take for example this post Old esoteric C code. The member stumbled across and old K&R definition that he could not recognize and posted that question to SO. It was immediately ...


In my opinion: No. A user should be able to recognize when he / she's having a more difficult time reviewing certain queues / questions / answers. If one's not completely sure on how to review a specific case, the user has the option, or even obligation, to "skip" it. As far as I'm aware, these bans are often the result of users not paying attention in the ...


Uh, hello. Greetings are provided to you on your birthday in the form of the yearling. See, I'm 3 years old :)


Please no! I know when my birthday is, I have my friends to greet me for it (and a plethora of annoying websites that send me emails "greeting" me). If anything, I would not mind seeing "anniversaries" of really great questions, but since there aren't that many of them, I can just sort by votes and find them easily.


I hesitate to mark this as status-declined straight away, but I can't see this ever being implemented. The focus of the site has been and will always be the questions and answers and NOT the users.


Hit "edit" and copy the whole thing from the textbox there. We're in the process of redesigning parts of the user profile right now, but I can't promise we'll accommodate this very narrow edge case in the end.


I could've sworn I'd answered this same request before, but I can't find it anywhere... So far as I can tell, these tags are generally used properly: to reflect specific concepts present in the question. There are a bunch more like this. At worst, they're not doing any harm, and perhaps for a few people with specialized interests they're helpful.


Offer badges for reporting RRs No, this would be terrible. The primary reason we have bad reviewers are the badges. Adding badges for reporting people would quickly cause folks to spam flags on everyone they saw in the hope of getting a badge. Also, it would put tremendous pressure on moderators because you can be sure every single declined flag would ...

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