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Stack Exchange does not provide a history of questions you've visited, nor is it interested in ever doing so. Your browser provides plenty of tools for you to find such things and there's no point in Stack Exchange reinventing a wheel. If you've cleared your browser history, then your history is gone. I don't know what else to tell you.


I just confirmed with the devs, we never had a cancel action button or link. The only time you can cancel a comment is when editing an existing comment of yours.


No. As @hichris123 stated in the comments, this is exactly what SO did not want to be.


Running with Shadow Wizard's answer a bit, and running with it: first, install Stylish add-on, available for at least Chrome and Firefox (I'm using Firefox, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/ ) then click the new 'S' button that appears, do 'Write new style' | 'for stackoverflow.com', and add the following text into the { } pair that ...


the DXGI namespace isn't highlighted (maybe because all uppercase). That's pretty much it. The prettifier is very simple and basic; it highlights words in CamelCase as types, but DXGI is not using camel-case. Issues with the prettifier should be reported to the Google Code Prettify project. However, I'd wager this specific issue is already known.


It's very important (IMO) to keep the front page clean and elegant. I won't like it if I see something like: Think about badly formatted titles, that we suffer from it even without allowing formation. I think that keeping the front page uniform and clear is sexier.


I think the sentiment is understandable, however, this feature is not really a productive way of accomplishing that. In fact, it is slightly counter-productive to the way the site works. If you enjoy coding, you can write a user script to manage your behavior. It could use localStorage to monitor your answering behavior and provide some sort of block at ...


In addition to @ChrisF's answer, votings on questions are like a magnet for users actually. As we know a question with high votes are more interesting than lower ones. So that, especially high vote questions causing more and more detailed answers. Even a question asked 4-5 years ago, still getting answers today because of high votes. That's why we need ...


With voting you give signals as to what's good content and what's not. If you didn't have voting, how would you (as someone coming to the site with a problem) be able to tell which were the good solutions and which were the bad ones? Therefore, you'd know which solutions to check out first and which ones to avoid. A slightly different argument applies to ...


The proper answer for this bug report can be represented in a few links: http://www.amazon.com/Would-Kill-Stop-Doing-That/dp/B00BJXYTDQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02opWiAWNbU

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