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I sympathize with the curiosity that would lead to this request, but I suspect if this were made visible then it would be too easy in some cases to determine how a specific person voted. Even though their account is gone, votes are still anonymous; potentially leaking this information could lead to problems.


To summarize the discussion: It is a bad idea since there are concerns that people would do mutual upvotes as favours. Although it is not guaranteed to happen here on SO, there's ample evidence that this happens in social networks, so I am inclined to agree. The (perceived by me) benefits of what I was proposing to some extent could be achieved by ...


You know, that "privilege" already exists: It's known as "being a SE dev", and explicitly disabled on their own posts: Can admins see who downvoted them? If not, do developers with DB access look it up? There is a show votes option for developers, but we explicitly disallow it on our own posts -- to reduce any temptation of looking at votes on our own ...

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