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I've always been pretty skeptical of "tactical downvoting" being enough of a problem to warrant this kind of a solution. My gut feeling is that most of the folks who complain about it are actually concerned about a rather different sort of behavior. Don't get me wrong - tactical voting is possible, but it's still possible even with vote locking, which only ...


I found that I had accidentally downvoted an answer when I just meant to cancel an upvote I thought I had given. I didn't discover it until it was locked, and now I can't undo it. I'd certainly be for a different system (or a tweak to this one).


I don't think these changes would do what you want here. for questions that are mostly understandable but could use some editing to make them more clear and answerable. That applies to... almost everything. Probably including this feature-request. Rare indeed is the post that can't use a bit of editing. I don't think you're complaining that too few ...


No, this doesn't serve as a benefit to anyone. From the help center on creating tags: A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. When you choose to create a new tag, you're asking a question in a topic that nobody before you (on this site, at least) ever has. A noobie doesn't serve that purpose so there ...

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