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We cannot, and will not, place acceptance marks on behalf of anyone else, regardless of whether or not they are still active on the site. If a user is no longer with us then it is all the more disrespectful to act on their behalf. Whether you choose to accept this answer or not is, likewise, up to you. I doubt you will, judging by your responses, but ...


A user is in no way required to accept or even read your answer regardless of whether their account still active or not. Moreover, the whole idea behind StackExchange is posting answers that potentially benefit further readers as well rather than just the OP and getting rep from the users you helped. So, If the user is no longer active, you didn't help ...


This is caused by AdBlock filters and is not related to Stack Exchange. Read more.


If you see strange artifacts when zooming in/out, that's to be expected. The sites are designed for 100% zoom level.

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