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Okay, since this was status-declined, I went ahead and retagged everything (in source-code-quality only) myself. About half the open questions need closure (and most of those were tool requests), so I voted to close them all. I hope the community will help me close them by reviewing these questions


While something could/should be done with those tags - making a synonym is not the way to go here. To clarify. Syn'ing those tags would only mask a potentially deeper issue that needs addressing. Are they needed, can one/both go the way of the dodo, could code-quality actually be indicative of migration to CR if not on-topic for SO etc... @durron597's ...


The purpose of Triage is to... Triage questions. Predict their likely outcome, and direct them in the direction most appropriate for that outcome. It is paramount that reviews be completed quickly so that this information may be of benefit to others - once done, actual work (answering, editing, closing) may be performed. Now, that doesn't stop you from ...


This is actually a symptom of a (slightly) bigger issue with the user search code: if the Ajax requests to load the filtered user list take more than 500ms to complete, the current implementation is happy to launch new requests even while there are earlier ones pending. Besides being slightly wasteful of bandwidth and server resources, it could potentially ...

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