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We love fun and hats, so yes, I want hats!! The overwhelmingly majority seems to want hats, so Let there be hats!!


YES WE DO!!!!!111!!eleven!


I don't care about hats at all, neither do I care about people having "fun" with hats. What I do care about though is people pouring even more crap into SO just to earn some more hats.


The account was already answer blocked by the time I saw the flags, so thanks to those that down-voted them. If you encounter any more then spam flag the posts. If enough people do this, this will auto-delete the posts without moderator intervention. Please don't use any other flags as these will remain in the flag queue even when the post is deleted. I've ...


Yes!!! of course I want hat.


Literally, can't wait....I'm all ready ;)


Stack Overflow retrieves the information which users deserve the badge via an HTTP request from chat. And this request was made without a specific timeout value, which means it used our default of 3000 ms. And apparently in June we crossed the line where chat had little enough messages for this calculation to take less than three seconds (lots of graph ...



Yeah, I think I know who voted for that, and we're checking into those accounts now. Let's say this isn't the first time this has happened with this person. We can't see individual votes on posts like this, but I recognize the account and the pattern of trolling. I've asked for an SE employee to check if my guess is correct, since they don't give out voting ...


No, we are serious programmers and we hate hats!!


Yes, if you reject such edits as spam or vandalism then that information feeds back to the spam protection measures. That is in addition to the normal suggested edit bans for registered accounts; repeated rejections mean the user will be (temporarily) blocked from suggesting more edits. Please do reject all these edits; you as the post author get a veto ...


We had a misbehaving server. It is now sat in the corner, wearing a dunce hat and no longer participating in serving up pages.


The 6 posts have been re-tagged to windows-phone-8.1. May wp81 rest in peace.


As we can see, the issue has now been rectified. I think the biggest red flag was when the OP(or somebody) added in : Please refrain from primarily opinion based answers. The goal is to gather valid, technical and factual information about its factual and technical difficulties' This reminds me of the old line by Nixon - "I am not a crook" If the ...


None of the child-meta sites have hats (that is, metas that are attached to a Q&A site). These are where we discuss the main sites, and can discuss the hats we got on them. Given that most meta sites have vastly less traffic and activity than their main sites - it is better to leave hats just for the main sites.


Yesterday we changed where the CSS for the Careers sidebar was being served from, and initially I had an incorrect domain name for our CDN. It should be fixed now, but please comment here if you see the issue pop back up again. *EDIT* Okay found the real culprit (and it was my own mistake, actually). We use Less for developing our style rules, and the ...


I have asked internally, and it seems nobody remembers the reason why we've always disabled hats on child metas. And so I've enabled them now. You wear the same hat on the child meta that you wear on the parent site, and the hat count on a meta user profile takes you to your hat rack on the parent site, similar to how it works for profile editing.


And it's done. Definitely a meta/sentence tag.


Yeah, ok, that was awkward. It now reads: Questions can go through multiple close and reopen cycles, but each individual user may cast at most one close and one reopen vote per question.


As my image states quite unambiguously, I like my current hat well enough.


There was a bug that prevented awarding when the post owner was deleted - note you can't get the badge for your own posts, so we weren't properly accounting for null owners in this check. A fix has been pushed and you now have the badge.


There you go Sir Chiastic-Security! This is the best they had a short notice:


I think that most of us want to: Made on the (Keep-Calm-O-Matic)


What about the hats we unlocked last year; do we get them back? Or shall we unlock them again? Is this a new hat collection or the same as last year? I liked the idea, so I'm for it :D


slow is actually a synonym of performance, so slow-load would be merged into performance if anything. Looking into slow-load, the tag only has 82 questions and means about the same thing as slow. It is always used to mean something that loads slowly (i.e. is slow or has poor performance). Thus, it should definitely be removed. I have gone and proposed ...


It came without ribbons. It came without [HATS]. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Maybe Stack Overflow, he thought, doesn't need this bore. Maybe Stack Overflow, perhaps means a little bit more. -adapted from Dr. Seuss No - we don't need hats!


I had a review audit on this question, and I said it should be closed because it is primarily opinion-based. Good job correctly reviewing. The system said that I failed the audit because the question is actually high quality. The review audit system for low-quality posts is completely broken. This has been pointed out numerous times on Meta.


alert('That would be a pretty cool feature!'); See also this blog entry for more information.


He's dead, Jim. :) Yea, that tag is pretty useless. No wiki, no followers, only 96 questions, and, as you demonstrated in your question, it can be used to mean too many different things. As for dual tables, we could always make a more specific dual-tables tag if we must have a tag for that. But that is a different story. I say we burninate dual. If ...


This is a documentation bug. It used to be correct, but then someone one day removed all newlines from the samples in that page, and when they were put back, they didn't quite manage to put the double newline in those samples back. Also see What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? on Meta.SE.

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