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I am in favor of this. We wouldn't be doing it to promote social causes, nor would we be doing it to hitch our brand-wagon onto a popular cause. We're just doing it to celebrate how fast the world is moving towards acceptance of gay people. I'm the CEO, co-founder, and inventor of Stack Overflow. I'm gay, American, and married, and have taken a lot of crap ...


Absolutely disagree, for the same reason I outlined in this old meta question: Please do not use Stack Overflow to promote social causes Some issues are transcendent and deserve special notice. Sing your hearts song wherever you want, but please not on the site where posting a Q or an A about it would be grounds for lock/close/deletion.


I disagree with the proposed temporary logo change. Why? Well it's simple, this website is all about programming, not about equality of people, equality of animals, the rights of whales, climate change, equality of religion, human rights, politics etc. If you're happy about the options for gay couples to get married, well be happy about that. I don't ...


I am a straight non-American. Today's Supreme Court decision has nothing to do with me, you'd think. But it's still a huge thing for me because I believe that if I can enjoy both the comfort and the legal benefits of a happy marriage, it is a disgrace if another couple just as happily in love cannot, purely because they are gay. As we Europeans do, I ...


Irrespective of the validity/significance/importance (or lack thereof) of any developments in the political/social arena, Stackoverflow has got nothing to do with it. Stackoverflow has a specific mission and getting involved with politics or good or evil in life isn't part of it.


Do not mix social issues with programming issues. There is no need for politics to be included on this website. IF you want politics, go to politics.stackexchange.com. Whether someone is a sandwich, gay, or has three penises, it shouldn't matter; the entire thing is a red herring. EDIT: Because OP did not mention this in the original post, gay marriage is ...


I think this court decision is a huge step forward, but it's just that: a court decision. SO is not (was not) a platform for the endorsement of court decisions. From Google searches, it looks like American acceptance of gay marriage is at about 60%. Whatever you think of whether that number should get higher or lower as the years go by (I'd like to see it ...


By adding this logo and promoting it like a declaration sign, StackOverflow is taking the side of a social cause and a favor that many might agree or disagree (primarily opinion based), in America or around the world. Based on the site's rules, if a question or answer is opinion-based, it is flagged for closing. Judging by its community rules, the nature ...


I don't know what all this gay marriage stuff is; I just like rainbows. Let's do it. This is a huge day for an oppressed demographic in America. StackOverflow, being HQ'd in New York, is directly affected as now they can guarantee their widely diverse employee-base gross benefits that aren't catered to their non-fabulous (but equally awesome) coworkers. ...


Since it is past end of day EST, this answer is largely moot, but it seems apt. I am perhaps reminded of when Steve Jobs died. And then Dennis Ritchie AND John McCarthy died in short order. There was an announcement for Steve Jobs, it was in the top banner. There was no eulogy for the other two. The conclusion that the SO team made was that this was a ...


Millions of people seem to care what the daily Google Doodle is. In fact, actual news outlets report them as actual news! They aren't always controversial, but they are often about something I either never knew about, or never cared about. I can choose to learn more or not. I can choose to care - or not. Same thing with this. We could stand to put out ...


Joel - I get it, it's your site and this is a big event - but this is a slippery slope. I'm all for the Supreme Court decision, but now what? Are you going to change the logo for something affecting women's rights outside of America? Are you going to change the logo for victims of a global catastrophe? Are you going to change the logo when another event ...


I am no longer active on this site I thought where a Q&A site about programming. IMO this site/company has made an abusive move flagging (literally) its sociopolitical agenda. I am absolutely not accepting being used as part of or associated with any political or social agenda without consent. [...] Couldn't be more relevant to Stack Overflow. - ...


Rephrasing one of the standout comments: The SO community is international, so I'm not sure why it should be affected by a decision of an USA court. Maybe it would be more appropriate to do this the International Gay Pride Day? My words: From The day I started using this platform,I never had a thought that its a company in USA or wherever.From the day I ...


Joel is gay. A number of the SE employees are gay. This platform is the direct result of their years of blood, sweat, and endless nights. Of course the stupid icon should give a nod to their struggle which is soon coming to an end. If you have a visceral reaction to a rainbow icon, you should try meeting some of the people that work there :)


As I said in comments, we aim to revert back to the normal logo at around 2:00 PM Eastern (18:00 UTC). As it would be part of a build, please don't get upset if it doesn't happen exactly at that time, as technical considerations might delay things. However, all going AccordingToPlan ™, it should be back to normal at around the same time we changed it ...


I recreated this problem :) The Cause Before the vote buttons stick to the top of the viewport td.votecell has been given position: relative so the position: absolute div.message is now confined to the thin table cell. After the sticky buttons stick to the top of the viewport The div.vote is now given the inline style of position: fixed so the ...


Do we actually need to have a [status-yay]? Oh boy, let's not. :) BoltClock is correct - I replaced [status-completed] with it because [status-completed] interfered with the community bulletin and a tag edit was faster than fixing the CB display. There's absolutely no need to keep [status-yay] around.


If a user believes their post is a duplicate, they can agree. If they refresh the page, they get a banner at the top of there post that alerts them that the question was marked as a duplicate and asks if the duplicate target solves the problem. If the OP clicks the button That solved my problem! then the Community♦ user will apply the duplication. If ...


When a question is marked as duplicate, the OP gets a notification asking them whether they agree that their question is a duplicate. If they do agree, then the Community user will close the question as duplicate. This is better than letting the OP vote because Community is a diamond-moderator and has a binding vote (which closes the question immediately). A ...


There was an issue with our new Colorado web tier grabbing aggregation duties from the background queues which process this. The error in site setting precedence has been corrected and the queue is now draining at about 1,000 items a second. It should finish flushing in a few minutes then return to near-real-time.


My bad. I redacted several revisions there, because they had what appeared to be real credentials in them. Didn't consider review, which went "boom!" trying to render a diff between the current revision and a no-longer-existing previous one. There is a simple solution to this, so I went ahead and "implemented" it.


Timezone shenanigans are always fun. We recently made a change here to address some other inconsistencies in the graph, but which caused timezones to be considered when they shouldn't. This is fixed in the next build.


I'm going to go out on a limb and try to express my opinions over the Internet. As a straight Asian-American with no close friends or family members who are gay (though I do know gay people, I define "close" as being sufficiently comfortable and open with someone to be able to regularly discuss sensitive issues like this), I arguably have nothing to add to ...


Yeah, it doesn't make sense to use logic on a review page that's made for a question page with 30+ answers. Fixed in the next build, thanks for pointing it out.


This won't happen anymore, I finally fixed this problem yesterday (it wasn't new, the issue has existed forever). See my answer on Meta.SE for some details.


Oops, my fault - a bad SQL query change affected this - a fix is building out now.


Spoiler CSS rules didn't consider visited links, so those got rendered fully. This has been fixed and will be with you in the next build.


No, this is a bug. Marked as completed, as we fixed the immediate issue (blog post showing up twice). We still need to look at the underlying cause.


Someone got too clever with merges and migrations. The solution, as usual, is to delete everything. Done.

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