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We love fun and hats, so yes, I want hats!! The overwhelmingly majority seems to want hats, so Let there be hats!!


Should the Socratic badge be awarded multiple times? Yes. Thinking up 100 good questions which haven't been asked before is hard enough, but the second 100 will be even harder and we should definitely acknowledge people who manage it.


YES WE DO!!!!!111!!eleven!


I don't care about hats at all, neither do I care about people having "fun" with hats. What I do care about though is people pouring even more crap into SO just to earn some more hats.


Update: Thank you for taking community feedback seriously. This is now live! I'll try to update this answer with usage experience. I've made this "Community Wiki". Everyone is welcome to edit in their experiences with it. Server error in '/' application existing connecction forcibly closed by remote host close voted with this reason. Looks like a ...


There're hundreds (thousands?) of questions like this which are locked but not deleted, betraying the idea of providing useful information and ruining the experience of searching for up to date information. Considering Google and other search engines rank questions on Stack Overflow very high, it becomes very hard for relevant pages to be created and ...


How about just using the existing message-warning class instead of message-error. An example of what it look like in it's current usage: Live inspect-able demo referencing Stack Overflow's all.css: <link href="http://cdn.sstatic.net/stackoverflow/all.css" rel="stylesheet" /> <div class="message message-warning message-dismissable" ...


I don't think the Socratic badge should be awarded multiple times, simply for consistency with other gold badges like Marshal and Legendary, which would not continue awarding gold badges for having another 500 helpful flags or earning 200 reputation on another 150 days. It just doesn't make sense to have one badge that doesn't follow the norm of the other ...


As no one will ever be an expert in questions tagged "run", I don't see the point in keeping it. Tag are for letting people find questions they can answer.


The account was already answer blocked by the time I saw the flags, so thanks to those that down-voted them. If you encounter any more then spam flag the posts. If enough people do this, this will auto-delete the posts without moderator intervention. Please don't use any other flags as these will remain in the flag queue even when the post is deleted. I've ...


I would go for it, but have the number of good question days double for each badge. 100 200 400 800 ... This could be extended to cover Marshal and Legendary pretty easily. At first glance, the double-gold seems overly easy, but because most of such badges have a roughly "half way to gold" silver badge, the distance between badges is still doubling. On ...


Here is the actual question used in the about page: Why are function pointers and data pointers incompatible in C/C++? And there is really an answer posted one and a half years before the question was asked, because the question was merged. If you are going to get a silver badge, I'm gonna get a gold one.


Hell yes. Please, please give us this. It's like the old Questions concerning problems with code you've written must describe the specific problem — and include valid code to reproduce it — in the question itself. See SSCCE.org for guidance. close reason, only it also contains a clause about making the code sample minimal... the shortest code ...


We have tracked down a bug in the Question rate limit calculation that would impact people who have performed multiple edits on their own posts. A fix has been deployed to production and you are no longer blocked, Giles. Thanks for the report!


Any language is irritating when you can't figure out how to make it do what you want it to do. That's what makes people want to ask questions about it. If you've never been in a position where you could not ask for help because you could not articulate yourself, I strongly suggest making sure you're exposed to it at some point in your life. It's .. well, it ...


I really like Mike M.'s idea to switch to hexadecimal numbers. I must say it looks really cool and it will confuse many people for sure. (That makes it even cooler). But the coolest thing about it is that you have to use a calculator if you are really interested in the number of asked questions. (Of course you can do it in your head but you have to be really ...


Meanwhile, we need someone to blame for all this: But sadly Shog doesn't know how to fix it :(, so we must wait until someone wakes up. Now, seriously speaking the bug is as follows: After reading notifications, they reappear whenever you reload the page. Notifications are not shown when you get a message in the inbox until you refresh. Reputation ...


All questions about "hello world" should have used their respective languages tags instead, most of them are, some I'm not even sure in what language they want to be written and more are about convoluted hello world where there are more than 3 languages involved (I was sure hello world programs should be simple, apparently I was wrong). Let it burn...


Yes!!! of course I want hat.


I agree. Such a source or inspiration of a question is irrelevant. This tag doesn't add any useful information related to the problem to solve. I really don't understand why should anyone care whether the question comes from coursera, edx or any other learning site (well, regarding the comment discussion, I do understand why, but I still don't think this ...


That tag is cheating; it should not be there and will be burninated! I'll take down the cheating tag too. I have haz burninated the cheating cheat and cheating tags. With FIRE. ♫♩ Burninating the countryside ♪♬ burninating the peasants ♫♩ burninating all the peoples ♬♪ in the thatch roofed cottages! ♬♩ Wicked dueling guitar-solos. They'll be gone ...


Looks like a meta tag to me. I can't imagine many people use the exam tag to search for questions and nobody could be in expert in exam questions since they cover all sorts of different languages and topics. The questions should be tagged with the language and other relevant topics instead. I say let it burn.


Literally, can't wait....I'm all ready ;)


Can you be a Hello World expert? No, you can't. Does somebody want to follow the Hello World tag? No, they don't want that as they get lots of questions about other languages. Does a question relate to Hello World ever? No, it relates to a specific problem inside a Hello World script. Does Hello world adds anything valuable to the question? No. So: ...


A fix for this just rolled out. I've been reworking how we render some common bits of pages, and messed up encoding rules on the body summary in the refactor.


Since there was a consistent consensus that the inconsistency tag was not needed, I've consistently removed it — almost consistently not doing anything else (one question got a c++ tag added). There shouldn't be any questions tagged inconsistency any more.


I agree. Any expert in retrying? No. Question can't be clarified by retry, this tag says nothing. It seems unlikely that anyone will search questions tagged by retry to answer them. It has 73 questions and only 1 follower.


Stack Overflow retrieves the information which users deserve the badge via an HTTP request from chat. And this request was made without a specific timeout value, which means it used our default of 3000 ms. And apparently in June we crossed the line where chat had little enough messages for this calculation to take less than three seconds (lots of graph ...

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