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I suggest we burn them all (except git and github). There are no equivalent tags for neither svn, csv and there shouldn't be. Same as we don't have tags for all java classes, all bash functions, etc.


Yes, they are broken. In the meantime, cheat links! Close votes: http://stackoverflow.com/review/close Reopen votes: http://stackoverflow.com/review/reopen Suggested Edits: http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits Low Quality Posts: http://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts First Posts: http://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts Late ...


You can do three things here :- Comment on OP's post to change the accepted answer - You already did that Instead of requesting for a deletion, edit your post and make it better if you cannot, refer next point Edit your post and specify that [Please refer dogbane(username) answer which is better than mine] If you think it is really bad answer or it ...


I've done some rework to marry the aggressive caching implemented last night (which was definitely needed) with some other dynamically cached review question information that was already available. In English, this should hopefully maintain the current cached efficiency of the /review page while offering significantly more accurate review counts for the ...


The page was trying to calculate accurate counts per-queue for every user who visited that page, taking into account the individual rules of each queue in order to count only tasks each reviewer could actually review. This was getting really, really slow. Tonight, it passed the point where the system just gave up and killed it. Fortunately, our hardworking ...


Your question was closed as a duplicate of an earlier question because it is a duplicate: it has all the same relevant aspects, and differs only in details that do not affect the problem. Your question is about the order of operations when assigning to a variable in one argument to a function call and accessing that variable in another argument. This is ...


The lock that you are referring to is a "Wiki Answer" lock. It allows the top-voted/accepted answer to be maintained, but blocks new viewers from adding any new answers to it. In general, such a lock would be applied to high-view, highly-upvoted questions that continue to receive new answers even though there are already dozens of answers posted to it, ...


I've patched up a logic bug in our code and the fix will be live in the next production release. Thanks for bringing it up!


Links to MSE have an MSE icon next to them. The links to a child-meta (such as MSO), have the vote score on them.


Done, but you didn't need a mod. Next time, you can just do it yourself. Despite the fact that we wear capes, mods don't have the ability to post answers on behalf of other users anyway, so just quote the entire passage in a new answer and CW it.

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